Monday, December 19, 2005

My New Photo Journal

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair."

-Kahlil Gibran

I am not sure if it was the sound of the rain pouring down on the roof, or the warmth of Elvis asleep on my feet, or even the beautiful scent of the various types of wood burning in the nearby fireplaces...but I slept well last night! I know I reached the all important 4th level of sleep, because I woke up feeling clear of mind and warm of spirit. I was even feeling a bit creative. So, as the rain and thunder made a grand noise outside, I sat back in my chair and thought about how much it sounded like laughter to me, and then I made a new journal.

It is my new photo blog, and it is a combination of the two artsy journals I had on AOL, The Moonlight Gallery and The Blue Willow Gallery. I decided to call my new journal, Ellipsis...Vignettes legeres d' Ambiant (Ambient Light Vignettes). It is all about light, and clarity it provides. I will display my own images along with some personal observations and of course poetry and musical lyrics. All the things that calm the nerves and soothe the soul.

George Bush makes my feet swell. I tried not to watch the speech from the White House tonight, I tried to remember it was the TV and that he wasn't really in the room spouting that...crap...good thing I remembered that because I kinda like my TV and throwing it into the bay from my window would be wrong! LOL. That would be littering, and I am a conservationist so that would just be bad! I thought about pulling out all my facts and going on a rant. I decided instead to visit my own journal and take my own advice. OmmmmOmmmmOMMMMM. LOL. Lalalalalalalal I can't hear you Bush! I am going to make it until after New Year's without going on a rant. It's a goal. The letter I wrote to Santa about George Bush doesn't count as a rant...Santa understands. OmmmmmOmmmmmOOOOMMM.

Anyway, hop over to the new journal and leave me some feedback. Tell me what you like and what you don't like. Do you want me to post more letters from history? How about musical lyrics? Yea or nay? Do you prefer it when I just post a photo and a quote? I want it to be a good combination of the two journals I had to leave behind. I want it to be a place of peace and comfort. We all need that...don't we? Now say it with me...Ommmm, Ommmmm, OOOOOMMMMMM! :)

"Autumn Fires"
Berkeley, California
December 17th, 2005


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Question: why is it ooommmm and not mmmooo? ;)


Dave said...

In support of your rant, I can't believe this recent load of crap from Bush, either. I fear what freedoms we release in the name of security.

DesLily said...

It's good you slept so well.. hopefully one nite i will do the same lol..

I will go check out your new blog! I love photos!.. wish we had more room like the aol one had for photo's..ohhhh well.. we can't have it all lol..

Happy Holidays!!!

Solitary Dancer said...

I envy you with your good night's sleep. Ahh, I will get one soon. :-)

George Bush makes me feel like my head is going to explode. How much longer will he be in office?????

Off to check out your new journal.