Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Curtains Have Arrived

The curtains are now up on the windows and the unpacking has begun. I guess I am really home now. I will miss my old journal home with a deep ache...But not for long. Starting over is scary. Will my old and dear friends still come around? What if I lose all ability to be interesting? What if I find that the neighborhood doesn't like me? Then what? Nah... ;) That is just that old oaf "self-doubt" being mean to me. I know better then that!

I am going to hold an open house this weekend...a party really. Hope to see you there!

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Anna said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!

Yep, it's scary, but change is good. MOST definitely your old and dear friends will come!!! And there is NO WAY in The WORLD YOU, Ms. Ondinemonet would be "uninteresting". You are insane, woman!!! That couldn't happen. Just impossible.

love, anna

Steven said...

It is a little scary. I blogged here before AOL Journals. A lot has changed though. Enough that it feels new.

Sunshine said...

Hi there :) In case you're wondering, my blog was discovered by one of my real life friends. I've moved my blog to :)