Thursday, August 24, 2017

14 Years And 1 Day

Morning: Slept
Afternoon: Slept
Evening: Ate grass. Decided grass is boring.
Scratched. Hard to reach itchy bits.

~Jackie French
Diary Of A Mad Wombat 

As of today, my blog is 14 years, and one day old. I missed posting on my anniversary, yesterday, because, well, I guess for the same reason that I have done very little blogging this year in general... Donald John Trump! It's stupid, I know, but I have let him drain my creativity to a certain degree. I am having to admit the truth to myself, that the depression I have fought so deeply has returned and he is a part of it. There are more things going on, but I don't want to touch on that right now. In fact, I don't want to dwell on him either. I just want to acknowledge that I still love my blog, and I am trying to get back into the swing of things, because autumn will begin soon, and I don't intend to miss that for any reason!

So, let's take a look at what I've photographed lately...

On August 18th, the Stockton Ports, which is the farm league team associated with the Oakland A's, had a fireworks display after one of their games, and as luck would have it, our front porch is almost a front row seat for the fun. Apparently, we are facing the waterfront district at just the right angle.

They aren't perfect shots by any stretch, but I will check the schedule and have the tripod ready for the next round in September! A little more practice is in order.

The Solar Eclipse Of 2017

Again, not perfect shots, but I was happy with the outcome. I didn't have the right lens for my conventional digital camera, the NIKON, but my smart phone, a Samsung 7, did pretty well with bouncing of the eclipse off the pool. This last photo was at the maximum 75% in Northern California.

And finally...
 I engaged in a little retail therapy the other day. I saw this chenille throw at Pier 1 and couldn't resist it. It matches the autumn theme I have in the living room, and it reminded me of the autumn leaves that I love so much! I also found this pretty candle...

It's Spice Cake scented, and it smells amazing! Well, as amazing as a candle can smell! LOL. I am such a sucker for anything autumn, the colors give me a wonderful sense of well being! And the spicy scent inspired me to bake some pumpkin muffins. I am really excited to get back into photography this Fall, and I think this will be a really good year!

And just between you and me, and pretty much everybody else, it seems like Donald Trump's misdeeds will be catching up with him soon. With any luck, by the end of the year he will be gone to the pokey, or at least unseated as our president. My fingers are crossed!

I am working on defeating the depression. In addition to the pain in the ass that is Trump, we have other problems going on that will need some resolve one way or the other. Alan and I are still going strong, but money is tight and we are working on refinancing and maybe pulling some equity from the house. I will share more about that later, but for now I just want to plan for some autumn fun, like baking and photographing the beauty in the world. I just need to concentrate on the things that chases away the darkness. 

So stay tuned!
 There is a lot more to come!
 I will probably post a couple more times before I am officially back with my autumn leaf portraits for 2017!

Mood: Happy/Encouraged
Me :)


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