Saturday, December 03, 2016

Immortal Within

"Money lives in New York.
Power sits in Washington.
Freedom sips cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco."

~Joe Flower 

Last Friday, was the day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday if you are so inclined to shop, but to Alan and I it is our official San Francisco Day. There have only been a few years when we didn't make it over the bridge to the city, last year we were fresh off an emotionally draining move to Stockton. I was simply too tired. It haunted me though. We didn't keep our date with my favorite city in the world, and the holidays seemed a little less special. This year we got a later start than usual, but we made it to Berkeley first, and then we still made it into the city! And it was beautiful! All decked out for the holidays! San Francisco is beautiful whenever I see it, but, she seemed especially gorgeous this year!

The view from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge

Christmastime In The City

And one last look back, from Treasure Island

Truly, the love of my photographic life!

"San Francisco is itself art. Every block is a short story. Every hill a novel. Every home a poem, Every dweller within immortal.

~William Saroyan

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December 3rd 2016

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