Friday, July 08, 2016

No Title

(No Quote)

My heart breaks daily now.

This is a blog about life, photography, cats, politics, music, my opinion that wedding dresses are art. Impressionist art. Food. Marriage. Love. Noisy Neighbors. Recipes. Old Age. Growing Old.

But right now, I have no real will to share my thoughts.
 If I had any.
 Not because of you, the loyal friends who visit me regularly but rather because I think I have run dry
 on the will to put the effort into processing it.

 I just don't know what to say.

Am I closing Ellipsis?


I might just post pictures though.

After almost 13 years I just don't know what else to say that I haven't said before.

I have no new words.



sunflowerkat said...

Wow do I know THAT feeling....or the feeling of wondering if what you're saying is being heard. If it means anything....just know I've appreciated every word that I've read here and over the years you have surprised me on many occasions with what you've thought to say. You pull some topics right out of the blue and those are often SO clever and leave me smiling. Do what is right for you my friend but please know when you're ready to say something, I'm listening....❤️💕❤️

Patrick said...


Your photos are always beautiful and the way you weave them with your words and quotations from others is always beautiful as well.

I'm sorry you're feeling drained at the moment.

But I offer you this: those of us who've been blogging for such a long time have a unique situation we face: because our sites have more content, we're sometimes more likely to move up the search results a bit, but because we have more content, a lot of newbies just won't take the time to go back through a great deal of it, even when they like the recent posts they see.

I've had to condition myself to stop sweating it when it comes to telling stories or personal experiences I'm certain I've mentioned previously: everyone won't have seen the last time.

Newbies stay because of what they see now. Those of us who've followed you for so long stay because of things you've said in the past. If we liked it then, we'll surely enjoy an occasional repeat of a story or point of view.

Why? Because we all do this in real life. I have relatives who are particularly entertaining when it comes to telling certain stories about things that happened to them. Once in a while, I'll actually steer a conversation towards one of those stories in the hopes I'll get to hear it again. It may be slightly different, and I certainly know how it ends...but sometimes you just want to enjoy it again.

So you run your blog the way YOU want to and know that those of us who love what you do will stay right here! :)

jr cline said...