Monday, January 11, 2016

From The Pink Oven... Carmalized Onion And Cheddar Quiche

"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. 
In cooking you've got to have a WHAT-THE-HELL attitude."

~Julia Child

Yum! I love having quiche as a quick, light meal, on evenings when Alan has to work, so last evening I got out the INTERWEBS and found a recipe that sounded like fun to make. Was looking for a recipe that included an ingredient I hadn't used before, or perhaps a new technique. You know, something that presented a challenge, and this recipe kinda had both elements at play! Balsamic Vinegar, added to caramelized onions, right at the end of the process. I have worked a little bit with vinegar, but not too much, and the flavored vinegars are something I have only come to appreciate in the last few years. The recipe came out nice, and light, and the extra sweetness of the onions, brought out by adding the vinegar at the end of the carmelizing process, was perfect! 

This was a terrific recipe, try it yourself... it is perfect with a spinach salad, or a fruit salad! The only thing I think I will do different next time, is use a really sharp cheddar, rather than a mild one, because the cheddar taste was too mild compared to the onions. The cheese needed to have as strong a presence as the onions. And I have also learned now that I have to use whole milk, rather than fat-free milk, otherwise the quiche will be slightly runny when done. It was fine, I just let it sit a little longer before serving. 

Life is good!

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Looks absolutely delicious!