Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paul The Second

"A tree with red leaves is like an old man with gray hair.
 Likewise, my love for you was blue, now it's orange,
 and that's a compliment."

Jarold Kintz
This Book Is Not For Sale

Meet our new tree Paul 2! Yes, his name is Paul 2! Why? Well, you see, I had a beautiful Japanese Maple tree when I lived in Berkeley. We picked it out. We planted it. Nurtured it. Loved it. Fed it the best plant/tree food available, and watched it grow for about 6 years. Then, one day, earlier this year, I found out suddenly that I had to move. I had planned to take a cutting from the tree so I could take a new generation of Paul with us, but then we decided to purchase a type of dwelling that made it impossible to take a tree starter with us. Little did we know at the time that our plans would change so profoundly. We ended up buying a house instead, where we could have brought the new tree to, but alas it wasn't to be. Cruel fate had played a dirty trick. 

But it's in the past. I will just have to hope that Paul The First is still thriving among the rose garden I planted, and that he will grow to be a lovely tree, enjoyed by someone, for many, many years to come! But that brings us to Paul The Second. He was a kind of housewarming gift! You see, the wonderful man who owned our new house previously, offered to purchase us a new tree as part of the closing deal! How lovely is that? He even looked till he found me a Japanese Maple! It's not the same variety as Paul The First, but it's lovely in it's own right, and as of yesterday, it's a permanent fixture on the property and member of the family!

Oh, and about the name Paul. Well, our landlord, the one who originally rented to us 14 years ago, was named Paul. He was a terrific man, and always to pleasant to do business with. Unfortunately he was stricken with cancer several years ago, and it just tore his poor body apart. It was very, very sad when he passed away, I still miss him very much. Anyway, when we found out about his passing, we planted the Japanese Maple in the yard in his honor. And in a strange way, we wouldn't be in our new home, had he not rented to us originally. So, Paul The Second is a tribute to a lovely man... and the fate of finding our old place!

What a fascinating thing you are!

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September 29th, 2015

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