Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Oscar Picks 2015

"Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?"

~Sandra Bullock
From Her Oscar Acceptance Speech

It's that time again... The Academy Awards. I have mixed feelings about watching the Oscars. As a rule I am not much into awards shows, unless a particular favorite of mine is in the running for whatever award is being, well, awarded. But I do enjoy the red carpet. I love me a beautiful gown! I also love me a wacky outfit! Well, within reason. I think the wackiest of all time had to be the swan dress worn by Bjork in 2001! But when worn by Ellen, later that year at the Emmy Awards, it was actually instrumental in bringing a smile and a little laughter back to us after the events of 9/11. I am still smiling, all these years later, when I think about that. :)

In truth, I am also a little sad about this year's Oscar ceremony. Robin Williams is still present in my mind and heart, and when they honor him, I know I will feel the loss all over again. Such a kind man. Such a gifted performer. Such a human soul. Somehow it seems like someone like him should be with us forever. The fact that he isn't is a harsh truth... one that while I have accepted, still seems to be unreal. Enough of that. If I keep going on I will begin to grieve again, and that is no way to honor someone who brought me such delight! 

Okay... On With My Oscar Picks For 2015

 Best Movie

Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Director

Richard Linklater

 Best Actor

Steve Carell

Best Actress

*Julianne Moore

Best Supporting Actor

Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actress

Keira Knightly

 Best Animated Feature Film

 Song Of The Sea

Best Music
Original Score

*Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Music
Original Song

*Glory (Selma)

Best Visual Effects

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Best Writing
Original Screenplay


Best Writing
Adapted Screenplay

The Theory Of Everything

Best Documentary Feature

Last Days In Vietnam

Best Achievement In Cinematography

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Documentary Short Subject

*Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Best Achievement In Costume Design

Into The Woods

Best Achievement In Film Editing


Best Achievement In Makeup And Hairstyling


And there you have it. My choices for the Oscars.
 Now, how about you? Care to leave your picks?

Also, as promised, feel free to critique my Oscar outfit. Too safe? Is the Monochromatic style over? Should I have chosen something edgier? I really want your opinion, I mean one day they just might hand out an award for...

Best Female Uncredited Extra
 In A Leading Female Uncredited Extra Role


I am a veteran uncredited extra of  2 movies,
 and one day it could happen, Uncredited Extra could be made a category at the Oscars, so I want to be ready!

My Five Favorite Oscar Gowns

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~Me :)


sunflowerkat said...

Just wanted to say hello Carly. Life has changed so much and I'm rarely making blog rounds but today I'm a little under the weather and had some time. Miss the old days of sharing with friends via our journals. Miss YOU!!! Hope all is well...sending you and Alan so much love.

Carly said...

Hi Kat

I sent you an email to the AOL addy I have for you I hope you got it. If not, drop me an email. I am still Let's get caught up, it's been way too long. I miss our old days as well! I love ya sweetie!

Hugs, Carly

Gosh I hope you see this.