Sunday, January 18, 2015


"I had a dream about you. You were storing my brain in a pickle jar in the fridge, 
and I only discovered it when I went to garnish my hamburger. 
Mindless and hungry, I was a US politician's ideal voter."

~Jarod Kintz
We Had A Dream #DreamAboutYou

Pickles are good. I love spicy pickles better than the sweet pickles. I love dill spears, but not the stackers. I like relish, but I like the relish with the mustard in it, not the kind with the ketchup. Although I love ketchup... just not with my pickles, unless it's on a hot dog, and even then I tend to forgo the pickle relish and the ketchup, and just put mustard and cheese on my hot dogs, but occasionally I will have a hot dog with chopped onion and chopped tomatoes, but I never have tomatoes or onions on my hamburgers, I don't like vegetables on my burgers because the hot meat patty tends to make the veggies slimy, so I have my veggies on the side. I usually eat the veggies like a small salad, that comes without croutons. It's a good way to get a salad for free. I don't ask for salad dressing, I ask for 3 sides of mayonnaise, and a side of pickle relish, then I take the relish and mix it into the 2 sides of mayonnaise, then add just a dash of ketchup, which makes my famous homemade Thousand Island dressing. And what do I do with the 1 extra side of mayonnaise?
 Dip my french fries in it of course! I like ketchup with my fries also, but not at the same time.

 There are rules to these things!
Mood: Hungry

~Me :)

Photographed 2/23/2005
11:50 AM
Konica Minolta

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