Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Goodness

"My favorite word is 'pumpkin.' You are a pumpkin. Or you are not. I am."

~Harrison E. Salisbury

Pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkins. I love the taste of them. I love the nutrition of them. I love that they make an amazing air freshner! True story... Alan and I purchased a new car back in the mid 1990's. A silver KIA Sephia. It was a great car, and we liked it very much, except for one thing... it smelled! Bad! The odor began a couple days after we purchased it. We took it back to the dealership, and they tried, but never found the source of the terrible odor. It was like the one episode of Seinfeld was written about us! 8 months goes by, and we had tried every cleaner known to man, with no luck in ridding the car of that awful smell. Finally we gave up and resigned ourselves to the fact that our car simply had

 What can you do?

 A couple months later came Autumn, and with it, all those lovely spices, leaves, pumpkins, and apples. It was AUTUMN and we learned to paid no attention to the smell. We go used to it. Then one day, about six months later, we noticed that the odor was, in fact, gone. It had finally run it's course. Yay! Or had it? You see, we found something strange in the trunk of our car, on Easter Sunday no less, buried deep beneath some papers and car cleaning cloths was a pumpkin, which had been long forgotten from last Autumn. Not a big pumpkin, but a pumpkin all the same. It was pretty gross to look at, but a dream to clean up, and it had, apparently, neutralized the offending smell of our beautiful silver KIA,
 in the months since Halloween!
After that, we occasionally bought small pumpkins, cut the top off, cleaned it out, and put it down in a piece of Tupperware, to hold it in tight, and put it under the passenger side seat, to let it do it's thing. We change it about once a month or so. You can also rub cinnamon or any kind of spice into the the inside walls of the pumpkin to have a nice spiced scent.If you want it to last longer, don't cut the pumpkin, just let it age naturally.

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