Thursday, October 09, 2014

Fleet Week In San Francisco

"What she really loved was to hang over the edge and watch the bow of the ship slice through the waves. She loved it especially when the waves were high and the ship rose and fell,
 or when it was snowing and the flakes stung her face."

~Kristin Cashore, Graceling

It's Fleet Week in San Francisco, which means the sky and the bay will soon be looking a lot like this...

Well, not all the time, but if the sky stays clear of that silly San Francisco fog that most time is kind of special, but has all the potential to ruin some days, it will be all all ahead GO!
 Right now the sky is clear blue, and the Blue Angels are scheduled to so some practicing later today for all the festivities this weekend.

It's been a couple years since Fleet Week was held in San Francisco, last year at this time the country was being held captive by our psycho congress, who was threatening to shut everything down. The first to go in the temporary budget was, of course, non essential things like, Fleet Week.

But here we are with a budget again, and the Blue Angels are back, and so are the awesome Tall Ships, and come midday Saturday and Sunday, I will be there with my camera. I hope I get some good photos to post here, but sometimes, when those amazing blue planes fly over, it is but a blink.
An awesome blue blink.

It's just one more thing to love about October.

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~Me :)

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