Sunday, September 28, 2014

Of Boots And Birkins

"One must always have one's boots on and be ready to go."

~Michel de Montaigne

Okay, so, as of 6:00 am, Monday morning, Alan and I will officially be on vacation. We will be celebrating October, and our anniversary, and autumn goodness until November 8th. It's nice of have a month together, give or take, to just decompress from things. This past year has been stressful. While some things got a lot easier, like Donny and Nina moving off the property, other life events happened to make even good times seem like a struggle. First a good friend took his own life, and just as I was getting back to seeing the light again, one of my favorite humans ever, Robin Williams also committed suicide. I have been walking around, feeling like someone is continually kicking me in the stomach. 

And add in the world events... war in the Middle East, a airplane full of people disappearing, another one crashes due to being shot down over a war zone, shootings of unarmed children, blah, blah, blah... after a while if I wasn't feeling completely numb, I was paralysed with pain. I am okay now, I am doing what I know works the best for bringing me out of my own self imposed solitude. I am taking new photos, even if it is of the cats, or a bowl of candy. Every single day requires a new step forward, and no one can take that step for me, a fact that all depressed people come to realize and hopefully accept in their path the self healing. 

So, moving forward I have been in full vacation planning for about a month now. Alan is a wonderful man, who for some strange reason thinks I am "the best thing that ever happened to him." His words. Silly man. Just for him, I want this to be an amazing vacation, and I know if he is having a good time, his joy will rub off onto me, as it has so many times in the past. Like P!nk says in that song, "You gotta try try try." She's right. Spending time together is my best medicine. 

In that I know there will be a lot of coming and going, I have picked out a few new wardrobe items for Fall. A couple new sweaters and blouses. Two new skirts. My awesome new Rampage slouchy boots... in several different colors... a bargain steal from Groupon, and I found two terrific new purses, also from Groupon. All together, 3 new outfits 4 new pairs of shoes/boots and 2 new purses for under $100.00! I am proud of that! 

Now if I can just get the first of those purses actually delivered, that would also be amazing! You see, I ordered the first purse in early September. A gorgeous Luna Moon, vegan, Birkin knockoff, in a lovely shade of green. It should have been delivered within 2 weeks. When it wasn't, I contacted Groupon, who said it should be processed and mailed out soon. Within two days, I got an email from them saying it was on it's way! Excellent! I tracked it through 4 states and 6 processioning centers, only to get the dreaded messages that all UPS customers hate to see in their in-boxes... the dreaded EXCEPTION email that basically means there is a problem delivering your package, or in my case, purse.

Now, how a package, or a purse, can make it through all those processing centers, only to be held up, and then rejected by the final point of destination, is completely beyond me. According to UPS tracking service, my purse was loaded on a truck and drove all around Berkeley, but never quite made it to my front door. And it's the weekend, so Groupon isn't around to tell me what to do. Sheesh. I know a $30.00 purse isn't something to be all that concerned over, but I am, I think, because I really tried to budget things in such a way that I wouldn't break my own personal bank, in order to dress nicely on vacation, and now the stress of this situation has spilled over into Monday, which is day one of that very same vacation!
 I guess I should be happy that the purse I ordered isn't an actual Birkin. If it was, I would be worrying about a purse that costs $17,500! LOL. Honestly, I would never pay that amount for a purse, even if I had an endless amount of funds at my disposal. It's a purse! And besides, the Kardashian's seem to have cornered the market on Birkins. So really, I ask you, would I wanna plant down that much money to dress like a Kardashian? Ummm... nope! So why did I want this Birkin knockoff so bad? Well, because it was a lot like the Birkin that Jasmine French, played by Cate Blanchette, carried around San Francisco in the movie, Blue Jasmine. 

Yep. I found a way to bring Woody Allen into the situation. And yes, after over 2 years, I am still completely obsessed with all things Blue Jasmine, but especially Jasmine's wardrobe in the movie. It was beautiful, right down to that awesome Birkin. It's okay if my Groupon Birkin knockoff only cost $30.00, it may not be the real Hermes bag, but I love it all the same. It's just as stylish, and look at the gorgeous earthy green color, it's just perfect for my autumn wardrobe. Now, I just hope it gets here one day. Hopefully before spring. 

 I will share about the second purse I ordered in a different post.
Assuming it comes one day.

One day my purse will come...

Hey, at least I have my boots!
In purple, and black, and brown, and gray, and taupe...

Leaf Of The Day...

By the way, the entire wardrobe budget for the film, Blue Jasmine, was $35,000. It fascinates me that Woody Allen, and Suzy Benzinger, were able to pull off the movie for that amount. The clothes were perfect! And in a way, the wardrobe was an important co-star in telling that story. When the local casting calls went out for extras for the Marin County party scene, potential day actors were asked to come to the casting call, in upscale clothing for an elegant Marin County party. So when you watch the movie, take a good look around at the other people at the party! That was a brilliant idea Woody Allen had!

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