Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow... No Really... Don't.

"If you're tired you take a 'nappa.' You don't move to Napa."

~Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
~Sex And The City

I don't think I agree with Carrie about that, Napa, and the wine county in general, is the perfect place for the weary soul. First of all, you have vineyards to stop in and do some wine tasting, but if that's not for you, there are the vineyards for photographing! Oh my, the colors you will see! If you aren't all that into photography, then perhaps a hot air balloon ride over the valley, speaks more to your romantic heart. Sigh. All I know is... Napa, Santa Rosa, Glen Ellen, wherever you prefer in the region, is some of the most beautiful places in California, if not on earth!

I feel kind of bad tonight, because I had planned to visit Napa in October to do some photography, and chase down some public art. I planned to photograph the beauty of the town as well, but now I fear some of the very buildings I was going to photograph may have been hopelessly damaged in Sunday's quake! I am keeping a good thought, and with a little luck I will be able to get up to Napa to do some documenting of the quakes aftermath, but I find myself once again, wondering why I am taking life for granted. Why didn't I go sooner? Why was I waiting for October?

Why do I procrastinate, even while lamenting the losses of this year?

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~Me :)

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