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Art About Town: Santa Rosa... A Joe Cool Summer (2007) Archived

"I think I have discovered the secret of life, you just hang around until you get used to it."

~Charles Schulz

One of my favorite memories of chasing down public art, happened in the summer of 2007, you see, that was the Joe Cool Summer in Santa Rosa, California! That summer Snoopy statues, each with a different theme, dotted the town, and Alan and followed the pup around town, with the help of map that indicated each uniquely themed Snoopy could be found. It was a lovely way to get to know Santa Rosa, the town in which Charles Schulz lived, and where the Charles Schulz Museum is located! 2007 was the third year that Santa Rosa exhibited the Peanuts art, the two previous years featured the main man Charlie Brown, and the second year was completely devoted to Woodstock. I need to do a search through my archives to see if I can come up with the photos I took from the earlier series, but for now we have Snoopy to enjoy. I always loved Snoopy!

A Joe Cool Summer 
Santa Rosa,California

Classic Joe Cool

Beagle Ridge


Cool Reflections

Cool The World

Coolest Conservationist

Impressionist Joe

Joe Brakeman

Joe Masterpiece

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

 Pucker Up Sweetie

Shakespeare Snoopy

World Famous Novelist

Alan and I had an amazing time that day. And to think, it was August 2nd 2007, so just about seven years to the day! I think it might be time to revisit Santa Rosa! It's less than two hours from Berkeley, and that makes it just about perfect for a day outing with the camera and the hubby! 

Note: I only posted a partial list of Snoopy sculptures, to see the full gallery from the summer of 2007 click here.

Sounds like a plan! :)

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jr cline said...

What a fun art exhibit. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. B