Friday, June 13, 2014

Chips Need Salsa, So...

"What is the good warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."

~John Steinbeck

I know the official start of summer is still about a week or so away, and I am not trying to rush things along, but the truth is, when we see the season begin it really won't mean much, because it's been so warm... no... HOT since late November! The trees are green, but with the dark, dry brown hillsides and the daily fire warnings, it's difficult to feel festive about it. The definite upsides are there, like my body not experiencing as much pain as in other seasons, but there is other worries like an unusual amount of rattlesnake reports. California is such a beautiful state, it doesn't deserve the drought it is having, and it's sad to know that some parks are having to close due to a lack of water, or in an effort to conserve water. What a year!

I think I will be doing a lot of things indoors this summer. One of my favorite things is to create new recipes. So, what are this yummy chips in the photo above calling for? Salsa! In past years I have stuck to tomato based salsas, but this year I think I will dabble in some fruit salsas. Mango, of course, and berry/melon. I am also planning on making some frozen yogurt. Maybe I will make some spicy ones to serve with grilled entrees. We'll see! I have some ideas for chilled soups as well. I love a bowl of Gazpacho and a nice salad on hot summer evenings. And a glass of chilled white wine never hurts either!


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~Me :)

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Clyde said...

Slobbering on keyboard. Going for food. Will return to peruse and catch up on my reading. :-)