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Art About Town: San Francisco... "Caruso's Dream" By Artists Brian Goggin And Dorka Keehn

"Caruso's Dream" By Artists Brian Goggin And Dorka Keehn

"If we, citizens, do not support our artist, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams."

~Yann Martel, Life Of Pi


I did these photographs at the end of February, a couple days after the art piece was unveiled to  the public. I wanted to attend the fun, but unfortunately Alan had to work, so we came to see it as soon as we could. It's called, "Caruso's Dream," and is by the same artist who created one of my absolute favorite public art pieces in the city... "Defenestration." "Caruso's Dream" consists of 13 steel and glass pianos, which hang from the front of an apartment building between Mission and Market streets. 

An amazing nod to the brilliance of Caruso, and a big bite of San Francisco history, in this case, the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906! It is stunning to see in the daytime hours, but takes on a whole different feel at night when it is illuminated and the lights "move through these fragile forms working with the sound of Enrico Caruso's voice." I haven't had a chance to experience the art at night, I am hoping to get by soon to do so. I love pieces like this one that reference not just art, but history and the thrill of being creatively human.

Here is a short video where the artists talk about "Caruso's Dream."
(Laughing Squid)

"Defenestration" By Artist Brian Goggin

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