Saturday, March 08, 2014

Round Robin Challenge: Hot Stuff

"I believe in getting into hot water... it helps keep you clean."

~G.K. Chesterton

RRC: Hot Stuff

Has it been 2 weeks already? It must be because it's time for an all new Round Robin Photo Challenge! This time it's all about Hot Stuff! Karen has left this one up to broad interpretation. Hot Stuff... as in spicy. Hot Stuff... as in heat hot. Hot Stuff... as in weather. Hot Stuff... as in food. You get the idea!

Let's Start With Food...

Corned Beef. March 17th 2008

And Now For Some Spice...

Red Pepper Flakes. Dublin, Ca. July 2007

Whole Cloves. November 2012

And finally about the photo at the top. That was my lunch, one cold day last December, when Alan and I went out to grab a bite before we went to the Carousel in Tilden. It was perfect. Buttery. Cooked just right, and hot off the grill!

Okay, no it's your turn. Do you have any Hot Stuff to show off? If you want to play along I know Karen would be thrilled to have you, and there is still plenty of time to sign up. Just click the link at the top of the page to be redirected to the official Round Robin blog! That is where you can find all the information you need to play along, plus get the links to the other Robins that are joining in the fun!

~Me :)


Ellen said...

LOL, are cloves hot? Maybe not, but they're really spicy!

You are always thinking outside the box... you are inspiring.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mmm, corned beef! Is that first one grilled cheese? There is a food truck here in Tucson called Cheesy Rider, that just sells grilled cheese sandwiches. Someday I will get a chance to try them out!

On the hot peppers - I poured some on my spaghetti once in Canada because I saw my brother doing it. But I can't take that kind of spicy at all! I was maybe eight years old. I didn't want to waste my whole dinner, so I scraped them off as best I could and ate my spaghetti anyway, while the waitress brought me glass after glass of water! Such a pretty, innocent-looking food for such a disastrous result!