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Blue Jasmine Comes Full Circle

Jasmine French...
"Anxiety, nightmares and a nervous breakdown, there's only so much traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming."

Cate Blanchette as Jasmine French (Blue Jasmine)

Congratulations Cate Blanchette on your much deserved Oscar win for Blue Jasmine! I knew you would be bringing that golden one home the minute I saw the movie, but in truth, I think I knew from that very first day I caught a glimpse of you arriving on the set at the dental office on the corner of Ulloa and Claremont, in San Francisco! It was destined. No doubt about it!


And Now For The Elephant In The Room...

If you have been reading my blog, within the last couple years or so, you already know that one of my life's highlights happened when I got to watch Woody Allen shoot the film Blue Jasmine in San Francisco, in late August of 2012. I have written many blog posts about those three days, and all the silly circumstances surrounding the adventure. I shared about the moments of serendipity that took place, such as meeting a chicken on Lexington avenue, with the filming of the film taking place just down the street.

I shared about the awesome street art I found along the way, and my own silly misadventures, like on the first day, when we turned onto Lexington, and suddenly everything went WHITE! I thought I had died! In reality, it was the fact that the sun was in just the right place in the sky to be blinding, as it bounced off the white film trucks that lined the very narrow street! LOL. Nerves, at the prospect of seeing Woody Allen, coupled with a very HOT day, and the surprise of turning onto not just any street, but indeed a street lined with film equipment, made for one nervous woman... ME! LOL.

It was an adventure. One I will never forget. But just one thing. I am actually thrilled for Ms. Blanchette. I am happy for Woody Allen. But being happy and thrilled in this case comes with an elephant in the room.

I admire the man's body of work. I have admired his creativity my whole life. As for is private life... it's none of my business... period. I think a lot has happened, people have been hurt deeply, but it has nothing to do with me. I love Mia Farrow. I love Woody Allen. I think Dylan is a lovely young woman who has had to endure a lot of pain, and I ache for her in that instance. But I wasn't there. I can't throw stones. And being a survivor of abuse, I know that each of us handles our pain differently. As differently as our individual fingerprints. 

It simply isn't mine to judge. 

But I will say this...

If Dylan really believes it to be true... indeed knows it to be true... stop hurting others... press charges against the one who hurt you, and let justice do what it must.

If Woody Allen is innocent, and Mia knows it, stop damaging your daughter and her relationships in the future, because believe me, it will haunt her for a million years. Long after your time on earth is done, Dylan will be in pain, and fighting her demons daily.

Enough said.

Blue Jasmine has come full circle. Personally, I am glad I have the memory of watching the work that went into making that cinematic magic come to life. And last night, when that lovely woman won her Oscar, I felt a little extra happy remembering the fun of that August. But now the last scene has played.

The End.

"I have no idea what I am doing, but incompetence has never stopped me from plunging in with enthusiasm."

~Woody Allen

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