Monday, February 03, 2014

Art About Town: Pleasanton, California "Special Friends"

"Special Friends" By Artist, Carol Dunford-Jackman
Pleasanton, California
January 29th 2014

"One eye sees, the other feels."

~Paul Klee


Yesterday, Sunday, was a bad day. When I chose the subject of, Art About Town, for today's blog post I thought my mood would be embracing all things creative and fun. It was not to be. I had a nightmare, one which allowed me to oversleep by 4 hours. Talk about a double edged sword. I got some much needed sleep, but my oversleeping meant Joey didn't come out to play until very late. In case you are new here, Joey is my new kitten. I can't let him out with the other cats I own full time, until his integration into the family is complete.

Anyway. The nightmare was silly and I have let go of it. But before I got out of bed, I found out actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed away. I was going to say tragically, but I think I am too pissed off to do so right now. Heroin... really? You have the world in the palm of your hand, three beautiful children, and a comfortable place to call home, and that isn't enough? Really? I suppose it is the anger stage of grief talking, but I feel like my admiration of him was seriously misplaced, because clearly he didn't find much to admire about himself.

We won't talk about the Super Bowl. 

On the other hand, as I sit here bitching away about how bad my day was, I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to have heard the pounding rain on the roof as I woke up. I woke up. I saw yesterday. I will see today. I will be able to touch someones life for the better... if I want to. Words of encouragement take the same amount of time that words of discouragement do. I want to be that person.  I want to be the person who sees that hard work in another person's labor. Especially the artist.

I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy Public Art so much. An artist sits down, considers a concept and works with their hands, sometimes for years, to bring it to existence. Then I, the viewer, gets to gaze upon that work and feel inspired to see the beauty in a sunset, or in a child's face. It's life affirming! Art creates a joyful noise in the soul, and inspires us to pass it along. Suddenly one doesn't feel so empty inside. Life is so short. Whether it is of our own making it so or not. I think I will focus on all the beauty, and be grateful for all the days, and remember to not take time, love or appreciation for granted.

Coda Gallery
Carol Dunford-Jackman

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."

~Pablo Picasso


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