Friday, November 22, 2013

The Fall

"Enchantment and fulfillment were on the gold and garnet horizon... autumn's breath, a dormant dream reawakened, a yearning nearly satiated, a tender thank you with a brush of the lips, and a connection as fingers touch and go hand in hand."

~Donna Lynn Hope

 As I write this, the wind is blowing wildly outside! I am afraid that when I get out of bed in the morning, and open my window, I will find that all of the leaves on the trees in the yard have fallen to the ground overnight! The wind is fierce enough tonight that I can tell some damage has been done to the rose garden. My garden swing is turned over, and the top is shredded, but what makes my heart sink is that it has apparently landed on top of my Apricot Nectar rose bush.


It's possible that the garden swing is simply resting over the top of the roses... I am keeping a good thought. Hey, if that is all that happens to me I will be lucky! I am watching the news, and they are reporting trees toppling over all over the East Bay, and as you might imagine... some deaths from debris flying about! Believe me, as much as I am worried about my roses, I am thankful... and grateful... we are safe and warm in our little cottage! 

   It's Fall. 

One reason I prefer to call this season Autumn.

It's like Fall is treacherous, but Autumn is serenity.

The news just reported that the winds are blowing at between 45 and 70 mph, and the weather warning is in place until 10:00 a.m today! What's disconcerting is that sometimes tonight, I have been hearing a rather ghostly moan. I know it's just the wind. It's just the wind. Still, the weather seems angry tonight! It's a difficult emotion to miss! And relatively speaking... the night is still young!

Stay Tuned. Pictures To Follow!

Mood: Jittery

~Me :)

Update: Winds in the Oakland Hills are at 65mph but at Alpine Meadows, in Placer County, they are currently at 120mph at 2:18 am EST! Check out my Twitter feed on the sidebar to see the weather graphic I just retweeted from @LiveDoppler7HD


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