Friday, June 07, 2013

They Know Your Uncle Jim Has Hemmorrhoids

"Of course I'm not going to look through the keyhole. That's something only servants do. I'm going to hide in the bay window."

~Penelope Farmer, Charlotte Sometimes


I took this photo on January 25th 2005, just 5 days after George W. Bush's second inauguration. As you can see, the owner of the Grand Lake theatre in Oakland was no big fan of President Bush, and if you have known me for any length of time, you know I wasn't either. But if you arent' aware, I think America changed with Bush in office. And it wasn't a change for the better. It was a change toward a country of infighters. I found myself, at times, thinking that we just might be on the verge of yet another civil war, fuel by the Bush administration nonsense. If you just happened to not agree with the administration, you better not say it out loud, or you met with not just hostility, but rather vulgar actions and death threats by rabid "Bushies". Just ask The Dixie Chicks.

But what could one do? The only things we on the left could do, was wait for President Bush's second term to end, and eventually it did. But about two years before that finally happened, both the right and the left was searching for our next national leader. I can't speak for the decision making process of the left, I have no idea what goes on in their minds, but as a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, take your pick, I know I wanted most was some relief from the oppression of the Bush administration. The warrant-less wiretapping of average Americans, the TSA searching procedure at airports, his failure to sign the Assault Weapons Ban back into law, the holding of anyone, anywhere without due process.

Do I need to go on?

So, as we inched closer to the 2008 election it seemed more and more of the country had also grown tired of the same things that weighed heavy on me. We were all ready for REAL CHANGE. I was a Hillary girl. I thought in 2008, just as I do now, that Hillary Clinton would be the right person to dig us out of the desperate hole we were in. She could do wonders with restoring our name around the world. She could and would bring a fresh perspective... yes... as a woman. I believe she would have brought to the White House, and the nation, a sense of perspective. A decency. But alas, she lost in the primaries to Senator Barack Obama.

Remember him? Candidate Obama?

Candidate Obama and President Obama are two very different people... aren't they?

Did you read a newspaper (remember those) or visit and online news outlet yesterday? If you did, you know that once again America has sold out to fear. Personally, the article at The Nation was the one I read yesterday that brought a lot of perspective to the whole thing, "Secret NSA Program Gives the Agency Unprecedented Access To Private Internet Communications." Holy Cow. So, if I want to email... oh... say... my Aunt Sue... I don't have an Aunt Sue... but if I did... that means someone, somewhere, might be reading my HAPPY 89th Birthday E-Card before she does? Hmmmm. All in the name of national security?

Shame of Candidate Obama! Sir, you lied. You said one thing, and you are doing another. If you lied about what you will do as president, if only we trust you and vote for you, then what else are you lying about?

Shame on President Obama! Sir, you aren't any better than George W. Bush was! You have not just continued the work of Bush, but expanded the very things you promised to stop. Why couldn't you have had the courage to just come out and tell us, prior to the election last Autumn? Every single day more and more of those freedoms that we all enjoy saying we have are being taken away from us. Every single day! And ironically, all this wiretapping failed catch the Tsarnaev brothers who were involved in the Boston Marathon bombing. But what do they know?

They know if you Uncle Jim has hemorrhoids
They know if your neighbor Mr. Whoever, is having an affair.
They know that you get a daily horoscope
They know that your dog, Mr. Ruffles, threw up a tapeworm
They know that you think someone aught to invent a glue that is as sticky as a booger
They know that you are an avid Stephen King fan
They know that you want a real solution for Male Pattern Baldness
They know that you once Googled... "Why Can't An Erection Last Over 4 Hours?"
But do they know your deepest, darkest secret? How about your darkest thoughts? Not even the ones you are serious about, but the ones you have that go fleetingly by?

Would you want them to?

If you are me...

They know I Think George W. Bush is the worst thing, besides Dick Cheney that ever happened to America
They know I love cats
They know I send myself a list of quotes daily, for the purpose of using them on my blog
They know I am crazy about Mootsie's Tootsies
They know Alan and I flirt while we play Words With Friends
They know Alan and I play Words With Friends while he is at work
They know I LOVE ordering lunch to go from Chipotle
They know I watch One Life To Live and All My Children on Hulu.
They know I have a huge crush on Todd Manning
They know I love to order old movies from
They know... well... they know. They know whether or not I wanted to share. 

As for my deepest, darkest thought. Well. I have daydreams of a meteor, the size of a semi, hitting my neighbor. But I don't think of it often, because with my luck, I would be home, and I would end up getting hit right along with the pain in the ass neighbor. That's the luck I HAVE.

I miss the America we were on Monday, September 10th, 2001. Don't you?

And you know what?

You can't blame that on W!

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~Me :)

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Nature's Sound said...

I never believed OBAMA ever, not even for one minute. Sorry, but it's the truth.

I simply PRAY that before the next election someone with integrity, dignity, and honor steps up to the plate, and that we as a UNITED nation finally return to who WE WERE on Monday, September 10, 2001