Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sometimes You're The Egret And Sometimes...

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, ever hundredth of a second."

~Marc Riboud

I wish I could say that this was a carefully planned photograph. I wish I could say that I labored for hours, hand stocking the lake with tiny little fish, just to get the perfect shot of my favorite bird chomping away on his meal in a very photogenic manner... yeah... I wish. LOL. But actually I have to admit that while I was out with the camera one cold, dark December day, I spotted a cute little egret, sitting still and quietly in Lake Tilden. I had been out that day looking for shadows and moody corners of Tilden park, so when I came across this bird I couldn't have been happier! I snapped off about 25 photos or so, most of which came out either overexposed or grainy. But I did get a couple of shots that looked pretty decent. The one above was a completely surprise! The bird spotted the fish in the water, and dived in so quickly to catch it, that I didn't even see it happen. I didn't see what I had captured with the camera until I got home!

That's called a lucky break! LOL. It's okay... it has inspired me many times when I have been out with the camera specifically looking for birds. I think I stop now, and consider the bigger picture surrounding the birds... not just the subject itself. Luck... it's a good thing! Don't waste the lesson it gives you! Whatever the lesson is!

Just A Couple Moments Earlier...

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~Me :)

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