Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

"I want to grow a flower for every time someone tells me "*F*** You!" Then I'll go back to the person and pin the flower on their lapel in a gesture of friendship. And while they are looking down on it in astonishment, I'll bunch up my knuckles and punch them in the face."

I hate Mother's Day! Hate It! HATE IT I TELLS YA! LOL. Nah, it's not that bad. I know most folks had normals moms, it just so happens I didn't. My mother was mentally ill by her own choosing, and stayed that way by her own choosing. She will be gone 10 years this fall, which is fine, we have never been closer! LOL. I suppose it isn't fair to complain about how insensitive it can feel to the child of a less than Harriet Nelson mother, to hear about all the ways she should be honored every second Sunday in May. Sigh. Mostly I ignore it, or like I am doing here, I mock it.

It just is what it is.

I don't really think about her that much, but when I do, it's usually the good stuff, like how she would fix me a bowl of Campbell's Vegetable soup when I had a hard day at school. Or how she taught me to care for and love animals. She had a funny laugh, and she gave warm wonderful hugs. She loved funny movies, and Coca~Cola. She bought me pink champagne cakes on my birthday, she loved me, when she was lucid. I wish mental illness didn't carry such a stigma with it. Maybe she wouldn't have fought fixing her problems so hard, had she not been so afraid to admit she had them.

It just is what it is.

Happy Mother's Day!

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~Me :)

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jr cline said...

A lovely Mother's Day flower.
It is nice you have some happy memories of your mother to go with the others.