Friday, April 12, 2013

But Why Does Daddy Have To Go To Work?

"A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not."

~Ernest Hemingway

Work? That's Dumb!

Dylan loves his daddy. He loves him deeply, and to the point that he sometimes cries a deep sorrowful cry when Alan leaves for work in the morning. Dylan's cry reminds me, at times, of an old but terribly loyal bloodhound, one that is beside itself with the thought that he could be of absolute help to his person, but for some strange reason that same person had forgot to bring him along. And clearly that decision was going to be a mistake!

Other times I am concerned that Dylan's cries are because he still remembers his Tabby mommy, and how she left him and didn't come back. You see, Dylan was the last kitten in the nest. His mommy had worked most of one morning moving all her babies to a new location so they could begin their lives as cats about town, but Dylan was special. I believe she knew he had some struggles the other kittens didn't. His poor eyesight for one thing. So, I think there is every possible chance that she would have continued to keep him close to her for at least a while longer, but on that fateful day, she owed it to his siblings to get them off in life the right way and across that busy street she went, unfortunately, never to make it to the other side of the street.

Dylan didn't leave his place under that abandoned house. He remained there all weekend. And when the nice man who saved him, pulled Dylan out, he was slightly muddy from the weekend rains, very hungry, and completely frightened. He didn't stop shaking... not until he and I met... when he asked me without speaking a word, to be his mommy. His relationship with me began in a heartbeat, with Alan it took a little longer, but now he adores his daddy to the point that he cries when Alan leaves in the morning. Cats are complicated creatures. I love everything about them. I love dogs to, but they are rather simple creatures compared to cats. Cats. I understand completely why the ancient Egyptians were so fond of them.

But Alan and I have discussed not naming another one after a singer! LOL. Of course, one doesn't always control these things. Years from now, when a new kitty who is lost and alone adopts me, what can I do if he already has the given name of Michael Jackson, or Steven Tyler? If that's the case, so be it, but I will say this now, I draw the line at Justin Bieber! Given a choice, I would name our next cats after a nice journalist such as Keith Olbermann or Anderson Cooper, but I will leave it up to God, or whoever decides these things! So far, they haven't let me down yet!

:) Meoooowww OooMewwwooooow

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