Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Road To Hell Is Lousy With Vistas

"Artificial intellegence is no match for natural stupidity."

~Albert Einstein

Okay, speaking frankly, I have an asshole neighbor. Every time a meteor hits earth, I have to wonder to myself... Why couldn't it have just hit my asshole neighbor. LOL. Nah... not really... but you know... I kinda do. LOL. You see, he has the best doggie in the world, and I am not being sarcastic here, the dog really is wonderful. He's silly, and energetic, and he loves to play, and he loves his daddy so much, that when his daddy leaves the house, the dog barks and barks and barks, and barks, and barks. The barking is bad enough, but what hurts is to have to hear that poor dog throw himself at the fence in an attempt to get out and go find the human he loves most in the world. My neighbor is being abusive, not just to me, but to a dog that loves him more than anything.

The dog barking stresses me out. The dog whelping in pain hurts my feelings.

Alan loves me, and so while there is nothing we can do to change the situation, he is being supportive in other ways. Last week he went out and bought me a brand new laptop computer. It's not some big deal uber-laptop, its pretty basic, but it is exactly what I wanted. My new computer is a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5106. It isn't too heavy, so it doesn't hurt my shoulder to take it on the go, and it really suits me nicely. Alan got if for me so I could take all my cameras and the new laptop to... oh say... Starbucks... and do something a little creative to ease my nerves. I am a lucky girl, my husband spoils me rotten! So, you can imagine Alan's disappointment when I decided I might need to send it back! Why would I want to send back such an awesome gift?

Simply put.. Windows 8 is... TERRIBLE!


Why does Microsoft do it? Why do they release such dumb products sometimes? Why do they tend to release products that don't quite have all the bugs worked out? Why do they tell us their latest and greatest OS is the best thing since VISTA when clearly any Microsoft OS since VISTA pretty much has to be! VISTA was a huge mistake on their part. And absolutely worthless OS! It is the butt end of almost any joke related to Microsoft! A few years back we purchased an awesome desktop which came with the VISTA operating system, and it was rumored to be the answer to all my computing needs and then some!! I am pretty sure you can figure out how well that turned out! Exactly one year to the date of purchase, it stopped working. But not before damaging the inner workings of my computer effectively ending it's life way before it's time.

Along came Windows 7 and we purchased a brand new desktop, and it did wonderfully. Windows 7 was the the OS that should have been released previously... NOT VISTA! But I don't dwell on it, Windows 7 was the perfect OS and all was forgiven. Windows 8 isn't quite as incompetent and Windows VISTA but it's not the answer to any computing needs I have, and it is mostly a lie that it is touted as easier to use! It's straight up a LIE! My advice is.... if you are going to need a new computer in the next year or so, go get it now if you can! The store Alan got mine at, Best Buy, had no more computers on the shelf with Windows7, and even if they did, it's not always possible to downgrade to the lower OS even if you could!

I have decided to keep the laptop. And the Windows 8. I am slowly making my way around and it's getting easier to navigate, and once I removed all the programs Microsoft wants me to sign up for, the speed was a lot better also. Keep in mind, before you can do much of anything, Microsoft insists that you open and maintain a new Microsoft account. And there is some difficulty in setting up email accounts, but I downloaded AOL and now I simply log on through AOL or Firefox and I am good to go. I am not going to give up, I don't mind learning the new OS, but it would be refreshing if Microsoft would stop releasing bullshit programs. Windows 7 is a solid product, and it was easy to navigate and do whatever you need to do.

As for Windows 8... So far I am not impressed!

As for the neighbor... He can go to HELL and may his job there be to help his fellow castoffs learn the VISTA operating system! FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!

Mood: Weary

~Me :)

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