Sunday, February 17, 2013

Al Capone, Is That You?

"I've been accused of every death except the casualty list of the World War."

~Alphonse "Al" Capone

I believe in ghosts. I believe in orbs. I don't know if I believe in ghost orbs. Since I am a big fan of all things paranormal, I have seen plenty of documentaries that have dealt with the orb phenomena. For the most part I am skeptical. I just don't know if every small round shape that flies in and out of a camera frame is necessarily a ghost. Of course I haven't closed my mind to it either. I still watch documentaries, and yes reality shows, that deal with the subject, but I am just saying I would like stronger evidence. In the meantime, for me, the theory of ghost orbs is inconclusive. That being said, I find the orb in the above photo... interesting.

On Friday evening, Alan and I packed a couple sandwiches and some sodas, and headed to our favorite spot on Grizzly Peak boulevard to do some photography, take in the awesome view, and enjoy the sunset. When the sunset was at it's most beautiful, I decided to focus in on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Berkeley Pier and Alcatraz. The sun was setting, and it lit everything up in a gorgeous bright red cast. When I took the photo I didn't see an orb, I spend a fair amount of time focusing a preparing the shot, so I suppose an orb could have gotten by me, but I don't think it did. When I first saw the orb during editing I was a bit frustrated and disappointed, but when I realized that it was different than most orbs, in that it is solid, I kinda became amused by it. The orb is hanging over the south/east side of Alcatraz.

Hmmm... interesting.

Could it be the spirit of a former inmate of the the island penitentiary? Well, sure, and there is a long list, but who was arguably the most famous inmate on "The Rock?" Why, Al Capon! Could it be he was hanging around, enjoying the sunset with the rest of us sunset watchers? Was he watching the sunset, or was he out, scanning the sky, in search of the asteroid that buzzed by earth last week? Maybe he knew the Bay Area was due for our own meteor show last Friday night! Yep, the Bay Area had it's own close encounter with a heavenly flyover. You see, a meteor, much smaller than the one that slammed into Russia, lit up the night sky over the peninsula and Ocean Beach in San Francisco! Alan and I missed the light show by about 30 minutes, but maybe Mr Capone didn't! LOL.

So Tell Me... Ghost Orbs...

Supernatural? or Super-Stupid?

You be the judge!

Either way, this particular or is kind of pretty! In a tough guy way! ;)

San Francisco Meteor Video. Friday, February 15, 2013

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~Me :)

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jr cline said...

I like it. I'll go with the Al Capone orb theory. Why not! Sure makes it interesting!
I believe in orbs and ghosts. I've never taken a orb picture but I think I've taken a ghost picture. I wonder if I can still find it.