Sunday, January 13, 2013

Woody Allen's Summer Project 2012 Gets A Title

"We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I will be spending the rest of our lives."

~Woody Allen


It's official! The name of the upcoming Woody Allen movie, which was partially filmed in San Francisco, and I pretty much obsessed over late last summer, will be called... Blue Jasmine. The release date has yet to be announced, but I assume it will hit theaters sometime in late spring or summer. Personally, I am hoping for a date sometime around my birthday on June 29th! A couple years ago Alan took me to see "Midnight In Paris" on my birthday, and I loved that film! So sweet, and Paris was... as you might expect... breathtaking!

San Francisco and Manhattan will be the backdrops for the filmmaker's latest film, which couldn't make this fan happier! As much as I enjoy the European locations, it is going to be a thrill to see some familiar San Francisco neighborhoods, some of which I was in during the filming last summer, and also get to see the very best of Manhattan, the number one place on my Bucket List of must see places before I die. If you read my Ellipsis entries last summer, during his filming in the city, you know that Woody Allen had a place in my dream of New York.

When I got to stand on the corner 20th and Lexington, and on Ulloa and Claremont, in San Francisco, during three days of filming, an element of my dream came true. I had imagined seeing Woody, sitting across the room from me at the Carnegie Deli, eating a sandwich. That's it! My total perfect Manhattan day consisted of merely seeing my favorite filmmaker eating lunch! LOL. You see, if I were to try to say hello, it would come out a little more like... haaaallaaaalloooo. LOL. Completely incoherent and perhaps a bit... ummm... dare I say... stunningly embarrassing? Yep, that's the correct word... EMBARRASSING.

I kind of got that confirmed last summer, when upon arrival at the 20th and Lexington location, I experienced the oddest panic attack I have ever had. The minute I turned onto 20th, I suddenly became aware that I was mere steps away, from Woody Allen! He is a legend. He is the living embodiment of comedy! And why did I think that the outfit I was wearing was appropriate? Who, I ask you, who wears black pants with a grey top? What was I thinking? LOL. My mouth went completely dry, and I was wearing a wildly ridiculous outfit! NOW WHAT?

I can laugh now, but at the time, it was high drama!

It's a memory I wouldn't trade for anything. We live in a harsh world, and filmmakers like Woody Allen make things bearable by giving us a respite from the pain of being human, and for that I have thanked him, quietly to myself, about a million times since last summer. He gave me three days my cameras and I will never forget. And soon, he will give me one more memory when Alan and I go to our favorite theater to see Woody Allen's Summer Project for 2012 Blue Jasmine. It's a lovely title, and I can't wait to see how it fits the film, but that movie will always be simply... W.A.S.P. to me.

Once again, thank you Woody! :)

Link:Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine Acquired By Sony

And now, the trailer to the movie Sleeper. I love that movie!


~Me :)

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