Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Palm Trees In The Sunset

"Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come."

~Karen Joy Fowler

Palm trees. I don't really like palm trees. They don't have seasons. You can't watch their leaves turn bright beautiful colors, then turn muted earth tones just before they go bare for the winter. You can't kick their fallen leaves around, because they don't have leaves, they have palm fronds... whatever that means. They come in different varieties, so that's probably a good thing... if you like palm trees. Palm trees don't have rings inside to tell their age by, but I am guessing that like some humans, all palm trees are about 39.

Some palm trees produce coconuts. Alan is allergic, and it has never been one of my favorite flavors, so while pleasant enough, I wouldn't miss it if I couldn't have coconut ever again. On the other hand, one of the best tasting salads ever has hearts of palm in it. So okay... that's a plus. Palm fronds are also used in basket making and in clothing. Palm trees have a strong religious significance as in the Palm Sunday. In Judaism, the palm represents peace and plenty.

Okay, so I have done my research, and palms absolutely have their place. They make the world a better place. But that being said, they still aren't my favorite tree. I just don't like them that much. But my goodness, when you see a palm tree or two, against a beautiful sunset, they sure display an amazing scene. Lovely. Calming. Safe. And most certainly needed!

Okay, palm trees can stay.


~Happiness :)


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