Monday, December 10, 2012

Don We Now Our Day Of Peril 12-10-2012 AGAIN!

"Reality continues to ruin my life."

~Bill Watterson

Don We Now Our Day Of Peril...

Jeepers, I could have sworn it was just yesterday I was sitting in the waiting room of the sheriff's department, waiting to give my report. Was that really a year ago? Yep. It was a year ago. How could it have come around again so quickly? Oh well, I know that no day on the calendar day comes any faster than any other one, and yet certain days in my life do seem to move at a different speed that others do. December 10th is mine.

Why you ask?

Well, you see, the December 10ths in my life are... ahem... CURSED!

Every year for as long as I can think of... well... at least since Alan and I got married anyway, there have been a number very strange occurrences on December 10th, no matter where we have been, or what day of the week it happens to fall on. More times than not it has centered around some financial mishap, but it's not exclusive to that. Not at all.

One year, we had a big wind storm come through the Bay Area, which didn't do a lot of damage, but did displace a few roof tiles at my parents house. Alan, good guy that he is, offered to stop on the way home from work to check things out so mom and dad didn't have to do that climbing. While Alan was on the roof, the neighbor lady next door saw the backside of him and mistakenly thought it was the creep who had been stalking her. In a panic she called the police, who came, quickly, guns drawn. It took about 30 minutes to clear things up. Blech... that was fun.

On a different year we thought that perhaps we had beat the curse, only to receive a call from Avis Rent-A-Car the following March, wanting additional information about the car accident we had been in on the December 10th. We hadn't rented a car that day... we didn't need to... we both owned cars, and there was NO need to rent one. But someone did, and used my information to do so. Blech... that was fun.

*One year our Public Storage unit was completely cleaned out by crap stealing bandits. But we gained on old brown blanket that wasn't ours. I left it in the LOST AND FOUND. Blech... that was fun.

*Then there was the year I dropped a large can of Del Monte Cling peaches in Heavy Syrup on my right foot. It still hurts to wear boots. Blech... that was fun.

*One of my least favorite December 10ths involved an apartment on the property where I live being rented by a Ne'er-do-well. He vomited regularly off his balcony and into his very own BBQ that sat on the deck below his place. He only stayed about 6 months in that apartment before the other folks on the property, including myself, requested he be kicked out. I hated it, but what can you do? He has been gone several years, but his BBQ remains. Like a ghost. No one really wants to deal with it. Sigh. Blech... that was fun.

*On a different December 10th, a different vomiting occurred. Alan and I went to Union Square to share a nice lunch and watch the ice skaters, when a lady at an adjoining table completely lost her lunch. And more than likely her breakfast. And I am pretty sure her meal from the night before. No kidding, I was almost convinced she was possessed. BLECH... THAT WAS FUN!

*A real favorite was when Alan and I decided to check out apartments in Santa Cruz. We were looking for a change it seemed like a great place to live. We purchased a local newspaper and began calling the different listings. The first three had NO idea how we got their number, but there was NO apartment available... HELL, the numbers published we to private houses! The last number we called was actually the customer service line for a business called... "Whose Your Daddy Novelties."
 Blech... that was fun.

*On one particularly fun December 10th, there was a bit of odd as I witnessed the mugging of a Salvation Army bell ringer and his elf sidekick. I kid you not, I actually got to hear the phrase... "DROP THE BUCKET OR THE ELF GETS IT!" Yes, someone held the two bell ringers up, and used that cheesy line! LOL.

It's not like I said it's never fun on December 10th, but I really do wish I knew why it is so prevalent in my life! What invisible entity did I piss off? I would say I am sorry if I could, and then we can all go our own way. So strange. So random!

*Last year's December 10th turned out okay I suppose. I got a call on December 9th from my bank, asking me if I had made a last minute trip to Illinois. No. I was still in California. But it seems someone using my ATM card and password had just purchased $100 worth of jelly beans. That purchase was approved, but they placed a second purchase on hold. It was for $1700 worth of ski hats, miscellaneous magazines, 3 boxes of roofing nails... and a George Foreman grill. LOL. Oh yeah, and 2 (size small unisex thongs).  It had never occurred to me that there was such a thing as unisex thongs!

Blech... just.. Blech. But also... ROTFLMFAO!

Like I said, the fraud watching folks at my bank caught it. It was odd though that it happened on the 9th, and would that count as a genuine December 10th occurrence? After I told the deputy about my weird track record on December 10th she kinda chuckled and told me that my case was more than likely part of a fraud ring that had stolen a lot of names and card numbers from different grocery stores in the Bay Area. One of the stores on the list was for... you guessed it... my very favorite stop and shop place, conveniently located a mile or so from my house. The theft ring didn't make the purchases in person, they bought stuff over the Internet, and were located in Eastern Europe, where it was already... yep... December 10th!

Okay, so now I have to worry about December 10th in different time zones? LOL!

I don't know what will happen today. But I know this much, I am staying inside, all day, and night, and I am NOT answering the phone, or the door, should someone come knocking. I might answer the phone if it is the bank calling though... sigh... I think I should take that one!

Do I believe in curses? (Shrug) Yeah... kinda!

Now, enjoy this scene from one of my favorite episodes of ABC'S "TAXI."
Season 4 Episode 1 "Jim The Psychic"

~Me :)

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jr cline said...

You know I've got to ask, 'What happened?"
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Good luck!