Thursday, November 15, 2012


"I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property."

~Norman Brown

That's my cat Dylan. Boy is he ever my cat! How do I know? Well, I know because he tells me so. Oh not with words per se, although he does have a human vocabulary of about 10 words, but instead of just coming out and saying he is my cat, he has a few insistent gesture's that convey his his belief that I am indeed... MAMA!

Dylan owns exactly 5 things in this world. His hamster "Pinky" which isn't... shhhh... a real hamster, but instead a popular toy called a Zhu Zhu pet. The elderly gentleman next door who likes to touch noses with him through the fence, who Dylan believes is his grandpa, his favorite yellow cat toy ball with a bell inside it, Me, and lastly... his brush.

That is HIS brush. Hendrix is not allowed to be brushed with it. Apparently there are rules to these things. Pay attention human! Dylan, unlike his brother, gets fleas very easily. I haven't figured out why the two boys are so different in that respect, I think it must come down to simple body chemistry. Dylan puts out heat like a space heater! Hendrix on the other had, throws off no heat what so ever. If I would have tried, I couldn't pick two cats less alike.

It's all good. For the most part the boys get along well enough, they have their moments, but Hendrix is a considerate soul who never steals his brothers toys, or anything else. Dylan on the other hand is mindful about other peoples things, he will have NONE of them in HIS space! If they somehow end up in HIS SPACE, they won't be there long, he will remove them to an inconvenient spot to teach you to pick up after yourself.

All of it is perfectly workable. Dylan is forgiving, as long as you observe his #1 RULE. NEVER, EVER TOUCH HIS BRUSH! Dylan adores his brush because that is his favorite way to spend his Mommy and Me time. It all started one day, way back in 2009. He was a year old and he started going out to play in the yard. To my dismay, he would habitually find the least comfortable place he could find to take naps, under the large juniper tree.

In the grass under the tree, resided a large colony of ants. The ants bit him, and let small pimple like sores. Before I knew it, he had a full blown skin condition that required nightly warm baths. He was really uncomfortable, but as soon as he hit that soothing warm water, he cuddled into me and let me wash the sores away. After the baths, I put him in his blue baby robe and brushed his fur until it dried. It was an amazing bonding experience with him, and for a cat with RULES, he was so happy and thankful, he cuddled into me, and I could tell, I was his mama... at least in his eyes and heart.

He pretty much sleeps with his brush. He brings it up onto the bed at night and puts it between himself and I. I usually brush him for about ten minutes or so, and then it's lights out. Dylan will purr for about 45 minutes or so, and that is a wonderful sound to fall asleep to. He is my baby, and he always will be. We found each other just when we needed each other the most, and somehow, he knows that to.


~Me :)

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