Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 166~ Ghosts After A Storm

"Ghosts have a way of misleading you; they can make your thoughts as heavy as branches after a storm."

~Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days


Yesterday was our made up holiday of Family Day. Alan and I came up with the idea of a special holiday while on our honeymoon back in 1990. On October 23rd of that year, he and I decided to venture over to Half Moon Bay to pick out some pumpkins for Halloween. Half Moon Bay is pretty much pumpkin central for the Bay Area. Anyway, while we walked around the pumpkin patch we took lots of photos. LOTS OF PHOTOS. I pretty much wanted to remember every bit of our first pumpkin hunting expedition as a married couple. At one point, Alan and I decided to see who could get the best photo of the day, so we went in opposite directions with the intent of meeting back together in 20 minutes.

As I searched around the pumpkin patch, I spotted a rather nice looking young man picking out small pumpkins with his young son. I thought it would make a sweet photo, so as the man began toward me with two pumpkins under his arms, and his son by his side carrying pumpkins in the exact same manner, I decided to take a photo of the two fellas. As they came closer to me, the father filled the frame of his camera... and he didn't look at all happy with me! Yikes! Had I made them feel uncomfortable? Well, within a couple seconds I figured out what had upset the man. You see, he wasn't just any man visiting a pumpkin patch with his child, no, it was Joe Montana and he was not happy with my taking his photo! Suddenly I got a lesson what it looks like when a pissed off pro quarterback looks like coming at you.

He and his family wanted to spend a quiet day as a family. I didn't realize it was him until he was coming toward me. I took a couple photos, and then put the camera away. It was almost time to meet Alan, so I walked away quickly. As Alan and I sat at the picnic table, enjoying a slice of pie, he and I traded stories about what he had found. Needless to say, I had the best story! LOL. A short time later, the Montanas sat down a row behind us, and we could hear them talking about how nice it had been to have a nice long family day together. And that was it. Family Day was born. Alan and I also reasoned that since our wedding day was just 10 days earlier, it would be good to have a special day to spend with our future children, so they wouldn't feel left out from anniversary days, or getaways.

We never had children. It just wasn't in the cards. But Family Day is still something we look forward to.


Since that time of meeting Joe Montana, Alan and I have had spontaneous encounters with celebrities every year around our anniversary vacation. We have met... Joe Montana, Helen Hunt, Elvira, Regis Philbin, Kathy Lee Gifford, Howard Stern, Harry Hamlin, Jessie Jackson, the Duchess of York Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, and a few others. It's always fun to contemplate who we might come across. It's a tradition. Well, it's our tradition. It wouldn't be autumn... or our anniversary vacation without it. It's just fun! :)

So, this post is only a small part of what all we did and saw. I lots to share over the next few weeks.

Yesterday, I saw ghosts. Or orbs. Or ghostly orbs... again. Hmmmm. Someone is following me. I think. Spooky. Especially since I have only been having trouble with orbs the last few weeks.

Stay Tuned!


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jr cline said...

What a wonderful holiday. Every family should have a Family Day. You two are so smart.
In life there are good ghosts and bad ones. Seems your memories from Family Day are good ghosts. Kewlness!