Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 124~ Hello, It's Me!

"I am an artist you know... it is my right to be odd."

~E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes Of A Gadfly

I once asked my friend Steven, why he liked my photography so much? And he said, simply, because you see stuff. LOL. At first I thought it was a pretty simplistic reason why. Not that I was a whiz with lighting, or an expert at perspective and depth, but rather, because I saw stuff. What do I do with that? But after I thought it over, I knew what a great compliment it really was.

I do see things. I don't look for specific things. I see what's out there. Color will catch my eye, or sometimes shapes. Alan shakes his head when I photograph the ordinary, but I sometimes see such beauty in the ordinary, that I will be thinking about it an hour after I snap the photo. I like windows, and doors. Fire escapes are always shaped wonderfully and sometimes contain the most artistic arrangements of laundry or flower pots.

The ordinary is just life happening.

Yesterday, while out for a ride, I saw this telephone booth sitting at the side of a road on the edge of property. It's shiny and pretty and it's red color lights up the gray area it sits in. And oh yeah... it made me smile. BIG. It makes me want to step inside and see who I might be able to reach on the phone. If I popped a coin in the phone, could I call maybe... oh I don't know... the Queen? Or... ohh... how about James Bond? Could I only call England, or could I might even reach Heaven? If I could reach... oh... say... a fictional character? I know some say James Bond is a fictional character, but I refuse to believe it! But perhaps I could reach a genuine fictional character like maybe... Bridget Jones?

There is a lot girlfriend and I could talk about. :)

I love the ORDINARY, and I love the ODD. And I love it when the ORDINARY and the ODD come together.

Okay... yeah... I see stuff. And all I can say to that is... THANK GOD!


And Now Todd Rundgren "Hello It's Me"


~Me :)

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jr cline said...

I love the phone booth. My first thought was Tardis.
Thank God I can see too. Taking pictures is like meditation to me helping me stay focused in the moment.