Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 107~ RRC: Inside Out

"Success is failure inside out."


RRC: Inside Out

It's that time again... time for another Round Robin Challenge. This time around it's all about Inside Out. You know, showcasing what you might expect to find on the Inside, but for whatever reason it is being seen on the Outside.

This challenge was particularly challenging for me this time around, because my computer died a couple week's ago, and I simply haven't had time, or energy to do much file transferring. Also, I have been busy with some time consuming photo jaunts to San Francisco.

I don't have any new photos for this challenge, but I do have several that I posted quite a while back that will fit with the theme nicely. I promise to make it a point to post in all new photos next time around.

:) Okay, here we go...

#1 My Favorite Easy Chair
I spotted this gem on a street corner here in Berkeley. You can tell it was well loved... or absolutely hated. I am not sure which. :)

#2 The White Butterfly
Several years back, the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park put a special butterfly exhibit, featuring as many as 25 different butterflies and moths. Most were happy to flutter about from plant to flowers, but this gorgeous white butterfly was determined to make a break for it. LOL. It was amazing to watch it hitting the window so determined to fly away.

#3 Bad Kitty
Dylan was just 4 months old when Christmas rolled around in 2008. Hendrix was a much more curious kitty than Dylan was, which is what makes this picture so interesting, well, at least to me. Dylan wasn't particularly interested in the Christmas tree, the only interest he showed in it was to sit on a small pillow on a chair that faced the tree. He would sit there for hours after he had dinner, just watching the pretty blinking lights. Well, on Christmas Eve, I was up late wrapping last minute gifts, when I got the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I turned to see two small kitten eyeballs starring out at my from under the Christmas tree! He was being a good kitty, so I didn't get mad at him, he just sat there until I went to bed, and then followed me. The next day his brother knocked the whole tree down... LOL... I still think Dylan may have put him up to it!

#4 Sepia Chairs (New Photo)
I have been crazy busy the last couple weeks, mostly with photo jaunts to San Francisco. There is a lot of fun and energy over there right now, as local photographers, and bloggers, have been chasing Woody Allen all about the town. It has been an amazing pleasure to seek him out, and try for those candid shots of a lifetime. It's more fun than I can even say, and a time Alan and I will never forget. He is such a gracious man, and so respectful of local businesses, and fans. He is a really nice man. I will be looking forward to seeing this new film, and my favorite city setting the mood. I spotted these chairs one evening while in San Francisco, and I kinda liked the surreal way it caught the light and shadows. Kinda cool I think. I added in a Sepia tone for effect. It just had an old fashioned feel.


#5 Outside Veggies (New Photo)
Another cool thing about following Woody Allen all about the town, is the wonderful inner neighborhoods that he has been filming in. Outdoor produce is a common sight in those smaller neighborhoods, but a rare occurrence in the East Bay. I love the quaint touch it gives the area. Everything looks so fresh and inviting. YUM. And now I know of some wonderful little places to stop and grab some reasonably priced produce in San Francisco!

Okay, that's my contribution for this round. If you would like to join in the fun of the Round Robin Photo Challenges, I know Karen would love to have you participate. Just stop by the official Round Robin Photo Challenges blog for all the details, and the complete Linking List of those joining us this time around! Just clink the RRC link at the beginning of this post.

~Me :)


jr cline said...

The butterfly photo is awesome! I love it and the sepia chairs.


Sue said...

Nice pictures... I like the easy chair one, looks like some dog had a feast on it, LOL!

Sinder Ella said...

Great pics!
I love San Francisco!

Jeanette said...

I see lots of furniture outside right now and probably should have taken a pic or two of them. Love your photos!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

These are all terrific - no surprise there! I was hoping you'd come up with one of your great discarded furniture shots, and this one is outstanding. I'm impressed that you caught the butterfly so perfectly. I love Dylan 'neath the tree, the redness of the veggies, and the clean lines and shadows of the sepia shot. Well done! now to scroll down and read of your recent adventures...!

Jama said...

I love all your photos!