Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 82~ Half Moon Bay

You save my life with every word you say
You shine your light for me to find the way
Just hold me tight and cross your heart to stay
Here with me born to be
Every part of you in Half Moon Bay...

Train, Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

Sunday night, on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, they began a new story arc centered around the casts visit to Napa, California, and all the drama that apparently surrounds it. The New Jersey franchise, of the popular Real Housewives "reality" series has been difficult to watch this season, I mean even more so than usual, because it is rapidly moving toward the possible permanent destruction of one or more relationships, that if it were not for the camera, and the willing prying eyes of America, may have otherwise been fixable. I won't go into any detail about that, because if you are a regular viewer you already know what I am talking about, and if you never watch the show you probably wouldn't care. But what I will talk about right here, is the inevitable collateral damage. The unintentional injuries.

In this case it isn't a relationship, but rather an innocent bystander. The town of Half Moon Bay, California. Briefly, the families and friends at the center of the RHONJ decided to make a working trip to Napa, into a bit of a vacation as well, to hopefully get away from the pressures of home, and spend some quality time together. Upon arrival in San Francisco, the families decided to rent RVs and spend 4 days at an RV park near the beach in Half Moon Bay. When they arrive at the park, they are stunned to see that the park isn't actually on the beach, but rather in a parking lot at a distance of maybe 50 ft from the beach.


There was some whining about having to park in the parking lot instead of on the beach itself, and some disappointment at having to BBQ out in the open, rather than on a gourmet stove at a resort. Sigh. They all knew that the trip was supposed to be bit of camping, but they didn't seem to know they would be going... camping. I guess spending 4 days next to one of the most beautiful coastal communities on the West coast, wasn't quite... how do I say this... not their cup of tea. Not when compared to the obvious glories of the Jersey Shore I suppose.


I knew I should just change the channel when Teresa Giudice stepped out of her RV, walked over to great some fellow campers on the other side of the lot, and asked them... "Is there somewhere nicer we could stay around here?" I would have laughed, but it really wasn't very funny to me. One thing I did find amusing was Teresa's mistaken belief that when she stepped off the RV, she would be on an island. An island? She thought the San Francisco peninsula was an island? She was coming to the Bay Area, as part of her REALITY show, and she didn't bother to learn about where she was going?Not even a Google search?



The RHONJ will be spending 4 days in Half Moon Bay, but I won't know until next week if the show will feature anymore of Pillar Point, and the bay. But some of the previews of upcoming episodes are to say the least disheartening. Why is it, when I watch these people behaving like imbeciles, and when I say imbeciles, I mean asshole ignoramuses, in their own New Jersey neighborhoods, I laugh, and cheer on the train wreck, but when they come to my neck of the woods, or shall we say, my shore, I get offended by their stupidity and their unwillingness to just see the beauty in front of them, rather choosing instead to look down their nose at both the scenery in front of them, and their own interpersonal relationships?

Sigh. Go ahead, give it to me straight.

Maybe it's me, maybe I am simple, but do you know where I go to feel better, when nothing is going right? Half Moon Bay, and other spots along the Bay Area coastline. There is something about the natural beauty and the sounds of fog horns that speaks zen to my soul. It just does.


Train, Half Moon Bay...

~Me :(

Now, I am done whining, and ready to go see what JR has posted, come along with me...


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jr cline said...

It is really a stretch for me to tolerate asshole ignoramuses. I used to be able to do it, but I don't have the time of the stomach for it any more. I don't confront them or watch them on TV. I change the channel or walk away. I don't care if they think I'm rude. I'm weary of rampant stupidity.
You're pictures are beautiful. I need to get to the beach!!!!!
Thanks for the inspiration.

link: http://jrclinephotography.blogspot.com/2012/07/apadf6-81.html