Monday, August 15, 2011

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #137: Apples

"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious!


Golden Delicious. Red Delicious. Granny Smith. Pink Lady. Pippin. Gala. Jonagold. and that's just to name a few! An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away! They are healthy to eat, wonderful as juice and practically sinful as pie! This week we celebrate the APPLE! This is a perfect subject to think outside the box about! You can photograph an APPLE, such as this Pink Lady, or you can photograph an APPLE in another form. APPLE pies, APPLE Butter, APPLE ice cream, APPLE juice, even APPLE dolls will be just fine for this assignment!

Extra Credit: APPLES or oranges?If you had to pick, which would you choose?

Guidelines for Assignment Submissions...

1.The EMPS closes each Sunday evening at 9:00 PM (ET). No submissions will be accepted after that time.

2. Submit your entry by getting your photo, uploading it to you blog or website, and then comeback here and leave me your link in the comment thread. PLEASE REMEMBER... THE LINK YOU LEAVE MUST GO BACK TO AN ENTRY WHICH IS SPECIFIC TO THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT! A general link to your site will not do, and will not be added to the list of those participating the following Monday. HYPERLINKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!

3. Please be sure to provide a link back to the assignment in your submission, so your readers can find the assignment and join us. Everyone is welcome to play along!

4. Please keep in mind that the image you submit for the EMPS assignment, must be your own original photography. NO LIFTING!

Participation List for EMPS #135: Summer Sunsets. 08/08/ 2011

1. Freda
A red hot summer sunset, that makes me thirsty somehow. LOL.

2. Jama
A very beautiful sunset over exotic Singapour. I have always found sunsets over city skylines to be especially magical.

3. Hapzydeco
A beautiful golden sunset, with just a hint of blue. A very lovely twilight. :)

4. Karen
And to round things out we have a sunset that, at least to me, seems to be saying, "Okay, the hot day is over, but wait till tomorrow!" LOL It's not just a sunset, but a sunset, and a photographer, racing against time!

I loved all your submissions this week! Each of you took a completely different approach to the subject, and the end result was just perfect. The viewer really gets a true sense of all the different feelings a summer sunset can evoke. WELL DONE! You guys NEVER let me down!



Jama said...

Apples and apple cake for you , Carly :

Tina said...

Here are my apples for you :)

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uups: here comes the link:

ellen b. said...

Hello Carly...I've got an apple post.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

My apples are in bubbles: