Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Welcome Back Governor Brown! :)

And Welcome Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom!

My dad would have been so happy to have seen Jerry Brown win tonight. He supported him 30 years ago, and he would have been supporting him this time as well! I really wish he could have been here to see this victory. Although, somehow, I can feel him here with me, smiling, because California is going to be GOLDEN again!

PS He was also a big supporter of Barbara Boxer... her win would have sent him over the moon! I am smiling for both of us, and Alan is downright giddy! Ours is a happy place tonight.


1 comment:

Monica said...

IF I still lived in CA, they would have gotten my votes.

I simply came by to see if you were still blogging as I haven't seen you post photos at Round Robin. I miss you!