Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dylan And Hendrix

"It takes a long time to grow young."

-Pablo Picasso

Alan and I were going to celebrate the boys birthday on Thursday. Everything was planned, but good old Murphy's Law intervened and Alan had to work overtime. Sigh. The party would have to be delayed a day. No worries. So, we celebrated the boys special day a day later then we had planned, as it turns out, their birthday fell on Friday anyway! I had written the day down wrong in my datebook. LOL. Sometimes things happen for a reason I suppose. We had a great time. Chicken Alfredo Pizza, and Black Forest cake for dessert! Next it was time for the birthday pinata! 2 dozen new mice and some yummy cat treats! Not too bad for a 2nd birthday... right? It's hard to believe that my little guys are now 24 in cat years! They're still my little babies!

They grow up quick!


And then it was time for bed...

Happy Birthday Boys!



fredamans said...

Happy birthday Dylan and Hendrix!

Jama said...

Happy birthday to the cute and lovable Dylan and Hendrix!

Patrick said...

Can't believe it has already been two years! Wow! Time does move quickly, doesn't it?

Congrats and give them both some love for me.

Love the fall makeover for the blog, too! :)