Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye To The The Fantastic Dixie Carter

"Every afternoon I listened to the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts and when I was four, I told my mother and father that is was my destiny to sing there, that I was going to sing at Metropolitan Opera of New York City."

-Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter passed away yesterday, Saturday, April 10th. I enjoyed her talent so much. The first time I saw her wonderful talent was when she played the part of Brandy Henderson on The Edge of Night, then several years when she played the fantastic Julia Sugarbaker, on CBS's Designing Women. Here is my favorite memory of that show, Dixie Carter singing "How Great Thou Art."

No one sang that song better then she did!

The episode was also titled, How Great Thou Art, and it was my favorite episode of the series.

Thank you Dixie Carter, for all the wonderful moments you gave your fans! Rest in peace dear lady.

Note: When I wrote this entry last night, I wrote that her character on Edge of Night was Serena Faraday, actually, it was Brandy Henderson. YIKES. Serena Faraday was played by the amazing Louise Shaffer. Sorry, brain is disengaged these days.


marigolds2 said...

I just found this out when I went online this morning, without even a first cup of coffee - I adored Dixie Carter, and am heartbroken by this news. Designing Women remains one of my favorite shows of all time - and Julia was a force of nature. Thank you for this video.

Mary Ellen

Suzanne R said...

I wasn't able to watch Designing Women all the time but it was nice to be able to play this today on my new DSL and really enjoy it.