Sunday, March 14, 2010

EMPS #80: Animals

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

-Mary Bly

EMPS #80: Animals

The other day, I saw Dylan napping, and couldn't resist taking his picture. He is such a photogenic cat, and he is a little on the goofy side, which is evident in this photo, so like I said, I couldn't resist. He's a good guy, and an expert napper!

Hendrix... well... Hendrix is my little comedian. He makes me laugh out loud daily! He loves me, and so he loves to sit with me when I am working at the computer. He doesn't nap as much as Dylan does, he prefers to play, but he does so as to not disturb either Dylan or me. Yesterday, he spent the day with his daddy, taking care of him. Hendrix is our little caregiver. :)

Can you tell I love my boys?


By the way, you have until 9:00 PM ET tonight, to participate in this week's Monday Photo Shoot assignment, "Animals." If you do decide to play along, please leave your information in the comment thread for the original assignment... NOT HERE! Just click the link below to be redirected. :)

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #80: Animals.


Rita said...

Carly, We have two cats. Velvet is your standard variety prima donna but Boo is the closest thing to a dog as a cat can be. Hubby (Old Salt) had taught him to fetch and he comes when he is called. He follows hubby around constantly and likes to lick his hand.

He has even gone so far as to jump on him and scratch his arm to get his attention and then lead him to the bedroom where I had fallen and needed help getting up.

jr cline said...

You have lovely kitties.

Carolyn Ford said...

These two photos capture the nature of cats so perfectly! Love them both!

fredamans said...

Your cats are too cute! You can tell they are well-loved!

You know I took my "lines" photos and didn't get them on it time... dumbass... lol...

jr cline said...

Glad you like the frogs. :-)

Suzanne R said...

You always get the neatest pictures of your kitties! They are adorable!

Mike said...

looks like Dylan fell over while napping. :)