Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scenes From Black Friday...

From For Ellipsis

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."

-Burton Hillis

From For Ellipsis

The storm that came through the Bay Area yesterday, brought an all new meaning to the phrase, "Black Friday." LOL. Can you believe I took this photo at 4:10 PM? LOL. I love rain, especially in late autumn. It makes the leaves on the trees seem even more vibrant! It was cold, dark, and wet, and I was grooving to the sound of Christmas music as I went to the Mall. I was a happy girl. Black Friday is one of our favorite days of the year, Alan and I just love to go and people watch. One of our favorite sights from years past, was two women who brought a shower curtain rod to hold all their shopping bags on! LOL. They were obviously shopping geniuses, they new a good bargain, and how to get that bargain home! LOL.

Our favorite haunt on Black Friday is Union Square in San Francisco, but alas Alan had to work, so we decided to go somewhere closer when he got home. We chose the Hacienda Crossing mall in Dublin. There wasn't much to see, and there were plenty of parking places, so I wonder how that will bode for holiday sales figures. :( Not good methinks. But I did my part. I got a beautiful new sweater and purse at Old Navy, and then went home for Thanksgiving dinner PT2. After wards Alan and I went to "Christmas in the Woods" at the Carousel in Tilden Park.

From For Ellipsis

We love it there, it is amazingly beautiful, and too much fun! Alan talked me into riding on the Carousel, the little round bench that goes around and around. I was surprised at how fast it went, it totally made me dizzy, and of course Alan laughed, and yes, we shared a nice kiss. Gosh, that man is still romantic after 19 years. He loves me I think. We will comeback a lot before it closes just before Christmas. We have a tradition of picking out ornaments for each other, and the cats, from trees at the Carousel. They have a wonderful selection. Some handmade, some a little more commercial. There is something for everyone. I even found a beautiful mermaid ornament! That made me smile.

How was your Black Friday? What did you do? Did you go shopping? Did you stay home under a nice soft blanket? Did you watch sports? Tell me everything!



You can read more about Tilden here. If you live in the Bay Area, consider coming to the Christmas Fantasy In The Woods. It's a blast!

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Jama said...

Singapore is known as shopping heaven, there's always sales everywhere!With Christmas coming, most malls have already done decorating as early as mid November. And since it's already the school holidays, the malls have entertainment program for the kids there to attract the parents to spend their money there!