Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do We Need To Take Up Donations For Gov. Schwarzenegger?

"Laws control the lessor man, right conduct controls the greater one."

Mark Twain

I am beginning to think we here in the state of California need to be gathering up donations of food, warm clothing and a little pocket change for Governor Schwarzenegger and his family, because apparently they have fallen on hard times! That must be the case, because just yesterday, the governor's wife, Maria Shriver, was caught yet again thumbing her nose at the law. Yesterday morning, while out for a muffin, she was caught on camera by TMZ breaking the law not once but twice.

First she was caught red-handed by a traffic cop for not feeding the meter. But as the cop began to write her a ticket, her personal band of merry men, AKA the CHP Dignitary Protection Unit, quietly and apparently efficiently, talked the meter cop into NOT issuing her a ticket. It's all discretionary after all. Now, as if that wasn't bad enough... she then proceeded to drive off without buckling her seat belt. Illegal since the mid 90's.

It's embarrassing.

On the other hand...

I am going to try to remember that perhaps they have fallen on hard times. It might be entirely possible the Schwarzenegger's might not have even a little pocket change to spare, a situation I can relate to quite well. The economy has been hard on everyone, maybe they aren't any different. In the spirit of the season, maybe the rest of us should gather up a turkey, some bread, some canned vegetables and maybe a pie or two and deliver it to the steps of the capitol, to our governor who has apparently fallen on the same hard times the rest of us have. You know... in the spirit of THANKSGIVING.

Really Governor? Really?

SO sad. SO embarrassing. SO unnecessary.

Hang in there folks... I will be thinking the best for you!



View the video here.


Linda's World said...

At least the great folks of Cal-ee-fore-nia can rest in knowing he's not running for another term. However, I saw him on Leno the other night and he was saying that Jerry Brown may run again....Linda~happy she lives in Washington state

fdtate said...

I was beginning to think that maybe the Governator considered himself above the law or something. I didn't stop to think that he might be hurting in this poor economy. Maybe he was heavily invested with Madoff.