Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He Still Loves Me After 19 Years!

From For Ellipsis

"Only choose a man in marriage a man whom you would choose as a friend if he were a woman."

-Joseph Joubert

19 years? Really? I can't believe it! Marriage to Alan has been a blink! Well, a blink for me, maybe a little longer for him. You see, he is amazingly easy to live with, me... not so much! I wouldn't consider marriage to me an easy thing, hell, sometimes I want to leave me! LOL. My best friend is a guy... HI H.P... and even he says he would have left me long ago if he was married to me! LOL. Thanks Pal. Actually, he always follows it up with... "I would probably comeback though." LOL. Probably... sheesh!

Alan really is the perfect husband. And we get along because we have shared the same goals for the future. We are happy because we were best friends first, married people second. When things go wrong, we seem to do better then when things are going just ok. It's a weird dynamic, but it's true. Our first year together, should have been the most difficult, but in truth we were having too much fun learning to be married people. We learned, among other things, that you can't substitute laundry soap for dish soap in the dishwasher. LOL. BIG LESSON LEARNED. A couple years later, we learned about "in sickness and health" when I got Epstein-Barr disease, and couldn't hold food down for the good part of 6 months.

We have shared the loss of family members when my parents passed away, and when his brother Darryl passed away a couple years ago. We dealt with a miscarriage a couple years into our marriage, and the death of the best cat in the world, Elvis, in 2008. Before we got married, we went through a major natural disaster, the Loma Preada earthquake of 1989, and after we got married, the Oakland/Berkeley firestorm in 1991.

We have ridden the roller coaster and laughed till we cried, with a few screams along the way, and now we are happily aware that we are indeed growing old together.

It's love.


It's 19 years.

Tonight, instead of going out into the first MAJOR rainstorm of the autumn season, we are having a nice dinner at home.

The menu includes...

Roast Chicken w Gravy
Sweet potato Casserole
Green Bean Bake

Warm Chocolate Cherry Brownie Sundae for dessert.

Then, we are going to cuddle up and watch "So I Married An Axe Murderer."

It's our movie! :)

Later in the week we have a date to go to the movies, and then out for a burger at Red Robin afterwards. We love Red Robin. We have been eating there since we were kids. Gosh, when we walk in there, and they are playing 80's music, it's like a time warp all the way back to before we were dating, when we were just really good friends. Friendship is good... love is better!

I know why I am married to Alan, but I swear, I will never understand why he is married to me!


Love, Carly


Jama said...

Happy Anniversary Carly and Alan! Enjoy your celebrations.

Dave said...

Happy Anniversary!

Tressa Bailey said...

You are so blessed! I envy you! I wish you a lifetime of this same friendship.

Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary Carly and Alan! I hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful day together.

Nancy said...

I just love this tribute to Alan and your marriage. It's perfect.

And I can see TONS of reasons why he loves you. ; )

Happy anniversary you guys!


Call me Paul said...

My wife and I were 19 years this past September 30th. Happy Anniversary.

fdtate said...

Yeah, that's what marriage is, a roller coaster. Happy Anniversary, Carly and Alan, and many, many more.

Patrick said...

Happy anniversary to you both!
And may this, your 20th year, be your best yet!