Friday, July 17, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

"But they looked across the courtroom and they saw another stone-faced, emotionless, sometimes even happy Scott Peterson. That complete disconnect was what destroyed Scott Peterson. Ultimately, the strongest piece of evidence against Scott Peterson was Scott himself."

-Dean Johnson

The family of convicted murderer Scott Peterson is looking for donations, of between $5 - $50 to help with his appeal. The money would help them to retain attorney Cliff Gardner. It's not enough, apparently, that a portion of our taxes here in California is paying for his appeal... they need a little more. Honestly, I find it outrageous that they would expect anyone, especially in this economy, to send them money to help this guy get away with it what he did. Although, I have heard for years about women who not only write to him but send him money as well.

I don't understand these women. I really don't. Let's pretend he didn't kill Laci... HE CHEATED ON HER! And he not only lied to his wife, he lied to his mistress as well. Doesn't that go toward his general character? I know, I know, a cheater doesn't make a murderer... ok... what about the way he changed his appearance when he realized an arrest was imminent? Ok, so he is a liar and a cheat. Yeah, that's attractive! Now tell me... you would help him... why? Personally, I think any money he raises should go to the parents of Laci Peterson and to her charity, perhaps it could be used to actually help someone who needs it.

Opinions, opinions...

What do you think? Will Scott be able to raise the money he needs for his appeal? Do you think he could win a new trial on appeal?

Laci Peterson Official Website



Kathy said...

Hi Carly,
That makes me so mad to think that people even would send money to get that wife and baby killer off. He is going to get what he deserves and that is to rot in hell. Why waste any more of the tax payers money on him. I think the gas chamber would take care of him quickly and put an end to this insanity.

Suzanne R said...

I agree with you completely, Carly. I think he is a first-class creep and that he certainly deserves nothing but the worst. I feel for poor Laci and her baby and I have no doubt that he was responsible for their deaths. It's crazy for his family to solicit money to pay for his appeal -- just crazy!

Jama said...

I don't know the whole story but will definitely be goggling for it. Seriously I rather donate money to the less fortunate , the disable , orphanage.....than this man!

Jama said...

After reading a few websites , I remembered watching the made for tv movie,based on this man, starring Dean Cain , quiet some time ago. I didn't know he's still appealing!

Nature's Sound said...

I will start by saying I know I'm an imperfect human ... VERY imperfect, but this guy, I hope he rots in hell.

He had NO remorse whatsoever for what he's done and it shows. He's about as creepy as they come.


Anonymous said...

I would only send money if it helped keep him IN jail!!!

natalie said...

Yeah I totally agree Carly!
it's wild!
interesting post!
I loved your photo entry (after this one) put It would not let me leava comment! It's beautiful work!
take care!