Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Think About While Photographing Ducks...

From For Ellipsis

"I know that I've got big ears and a big forehead and my hair sticks up. But I am happy with myself. I am not necessarily trying to win a beauty pageant here."

-Clay Aiken

1. Carry Prejean (former Miss California) was fired yesterday for failing to honor her contract. BIG SURPRISE! Good riddance.

2. The King Tut exhibit is coming to San Francisco in the fall. I am really looking forward to seeing it. I was 16 the last time it came here, and I enjoyed it immensely.

3. I am looking forward to reading the book, "The Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane" by author, Katherine Howe.

4. I have $61.45 in my checking account. Sigh.

5. My rent went up $26.00. Sigh.

6. I have been looking for, and been unable to find, pink peppercorns.

7. I think I will make meatloaf for dinner.

8. But not just any meatloaf, my famous gourmet meatloaf.

9. Keith Olbermann is HOT!

10. Joy Behar is getting her own talk show this fall on HLN. Good luck Joy! :)

11. My favorite daydream is about this wonderful apartment I found on Central Park West.

12. When am I going to hit the lottery?

13. My babies are almost full grown cats. Sigh.

14. It's June 11th, and I am wearing a sweater, and it's not enough.

15. The temperature is 59 degrees, and it might rain tomorrow.

16. David Letterman made a misstep with a joke earlier this week regarding Sarah Palin's daughter... he went too far... he apologized... time to move on.

17. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I will be 47. Weird. Wasn't I just celebrating my 24th birthday?

18. I need to pick up some cat food at Walmart. They have the best prices for cat supplies.

19. I got a $2 Subway gift card in the mail the other day. I could really go for a BMT, no lettuce.

20. Hendrix gave me a big kiss this morning, then he bit my toe.

21. I really like the new show Kendra on E! It made me laugh so hard.

22. Yes, I am still hopelessly hooked on Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

23. The sad events yesterday at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C., made me cry. So much hate.

24. It's cold outside today.

25. Dylan is in the bathroom singing the Dilly song.

26. Hate is growing.

27. Could it be because we dared to vote in America's first black president?

28. I think I will make sugar-free apple turnovers tonight.

29. Just before the election last November, I was in the supermarket one evening and heard a man, who was well dressed, and seemed quite educated, spouting some sad, evil, angry anti-Semitic, and anti-African American sentiments. It made me sad then too.

30. Hendrix is asleep in the bathtub, next to his favorite stuffed toy, a bear named Whitman. He carries that thing everywhere.

31. This weather is making me want to bake goodies.

32. I am in pain because of all this cold. My hands, right shoulder, and both knees are all hurting today. Hurting bad.

33. I think I might ask Alan for the new $99 iPhone for Christmas.

34. Don't forget... There is a Round Robin Challenge this weekend. The topic is "Looking Up." I hope it will help folks find the positive side of things.

35. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Euna Lee and Laura Ling, and those who love them.



a corgi said...

love the ducks and your not so random thoughts; I think David Letterman addressed the poor choice of his words, but I'm not sure he actually apologized; I can only hope he chooses his words/writers a bit more carefully the next time and it stresses to me the importance of always being careful with words I might say too

I'm carefully evaluating my looking up entry for this weekend

its cold here too and its Southern Calif. what is up with that??

Subway and meatloaf sound good

that iPhone even seems better

enjoy the day


Jama said...

I wouldn't mind your weather , it's too hot here. Almost like walking in an oven outdoor! already hitting the 32d Celsius with no rain in sight.

I'm eyeing the iPhone too, plus a few other models....too many to choose.

Suzanne R said...

I love hearing about your cats. What is Dylan's "Dilly song" like?

I don't know what's wrong with people who are anti-Semitic and anti-African American. Twisted minds?

I am concerned about Euna Lee and Laura Ling, too. I hope they can be freed somehow.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm very fond of Keith Olbermann, but I wouldn't characterize him as HOT! :)

The murderer at the museum was quite old. Let's hope that that kind of bigotry is dying out, generation by generation.