Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Different Threads

"Change is inevitable... except from a vending machine."

-Robert C. Gallagher

Ok, so you might remember from a few entries back that I am a busy lady these days. Well, the word "busy" kind of implies that I am doing something at any given moment throughout my day, which isn't quite accurate. I mean I am not just sitting in one place, but my truly busy times seems to come in little bursts of busy. Does that make sense?

What keeps me busy in these little bursts?

Well, among other things...

2 kitten cats.
1 husband with a constantly changing schedule.
Degenerative arthritis in both knees and my right shoulder.
Type 2 Diabetes (Your body loves it when you do even a little exercise after your meals).
1 digital camera
1 film camera
1 Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone 580i which is always in my ear. It makes me what to dance.

And coming up next week...

I am finally giving AOL and this stupid dial-up connection the boot. The appointment has been made for next Wednesday, and I know for sure this time I am outta AOL HELL! Which is a good thing because I looking forward to the change. AOL was a nifty little product when I first became a member, but over the years I have seen it fall to the hollow billboard that it is today. There is very little left there for the Internet consumer. Sigh. So it's goodbye AOL as of Wednesday.

That means I am going to have to get things in order for the new service to be hooked up. Lots of cleaning and dusting of never-never areas behind my desk and lots of big, heavy lifting of the TV stand and such, but Alan will help with that. But while I am in the cleaning mood, my personal closet has been screaming for a good weeding out of old, yucky, ugly "what was I thinking" clothes. Spring is here, and I need to pack away the winter clothes. Coats and such. Bye-bye raincoat and umbrella... now where is my bikini and big floppy hat?

Searching... searching... searching...

Hendrix! Bad kitty... stop biting your brother!

See... like I said... BUSY.

March 15, 2009


IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm still hanging with AOL I guess. But please let me know your new email addy so I can add you to my addy book and my blog okie dokie?
Love you Carly!

Suzanne R said...

Yes, I will want your new e-mail address, too. I have a free AOL account where my junk mail goes, which leaves my Yahoo address pretty much free of spam and it is only used for correspondence. I'm still on dial-up, though, and I don't know when or if that's going to change, living out in the country like I do.

Nature's Sound said...

While the speed of comcast is certainly better than slowskie old AOL, the email system is horrible (INHO) so, that is why I am going to suggest gmail for email to you. Just something to consider and investigate ... I found I couldn't open nor send half of the things I wanted w/comcast. I could be misreading the intent by your label choices, but felt the need to forewarn you so you don't end up with four email addresses like me. lol.

Hendrix is too cute to be bad kitty. LOL.

Coy said...

About 2 years ago I signed up with comcast and what a difference it made in my life. I will say that I still use AOL, probably always will it's just faster now and it's free. Have your new provider tell you haow to sign up for a free AOL account and you don't really have to change a thing. I do use internet explorer a lot as well but will keep using AOL until I can't any more.
*** Coy ***

fdtate said...

You can still access your AOL Mail by signing in at

I'm glad to see you finally getting off dial-up and out of AOL Hell.