Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"I love cats because I love my home, and after a while, they become it's visible soul."

-Jean Cocteau

Both my babies are off to their appointment with Dr. B. They are six months old now, and it's time for both of them to be neutered and declawed. It's going to be really quiet without the sound of their bells jingle jangling about the house. They will be at Dr. B's until Thursday afternoon. I am not sure what I will do without my wee babies. Let's see... let's consider that... what to do? What to do?

Hmmm... Maybe I will...

Take a bubble bath alone. (They just love to sit on the tub while I bathe)

Eat a whole meal without the longing stares of Hendrix or the judgemental eyes of Dylan. Yes Dylan, I like jalapeno peppers!

No scooping poopy cat boxes.

No vacuuming kitty hairs off the couch.

No tripping over stuffed
animals. I am teaching both boys to put their toys away the way Elvis did. It's coming along nicely.

On the other hand...

No good morning kiss from Dylan or hug from Hendrix.

No gifts of tiny mice in my slippers.

No games of fetch with Dylan before bed.

No sharing glasses of water with Hendrix

Nobody with paws to cuddle up with when my knee is in spasms.


I already miss my boys.

Maybe I will visit them tomorrow, and bring them flowers... or maybe Tuna.


Dylan on the pillow next to me.

Dylan In Black & White
March 8th, 2009
Late Afternoon


Clyde said...

Hi Carly
I came here by the way of Greg as he is always saying nice things about you. I like your blog and luv your images. I have three feline friends, or rather they have me, LOL. Are you going to get snooze buttons installed on the boys while they're at the vet's? Well, back to perusing your album. Have a great week.

IndigoSunMoon said...

I can't believe how big they've gotten! They are so very beautiful Carly!
I took the Shih-Tsu's to get their hair cut a few days ago and they were gone for 8 hrs. I missed them so bad...and they were only gone 8 hrs! LOL

Tammy said...

It all seems to go by so fast. Precious! That first shot was stunning. XXOO