Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kitten? Cat? Kitten-Cat? He's Just Hendrix For Now

"Of all animals, the cat alone attains to the contemplative life. He regards the wheel of existence from without, like the Buddha."

-Andrew Lang

You can sit and watch Hendrix grow. Honestly, I don't know what Purina puts in it's Kitten Chow, but my little ball of feline fluff, it now a sleek, fast, chubby cheek CAT... of about 9 lbs or so. I don't know for sure mind you, he will get weighed in next week, but he might even be bigger then my estimate. He hasn't even reached 6 months old yet! At this pace he will be more panther then domestic cat~ LOL.

That would be a good thing I think. Hendrix is more then anything else... a love bug. He is respectful, and had already learned the words, BAD, NO and LOVE. Like with Elvis, I try to say the word LOVE more then BAD. He knows his name and can make the distinction between his name and Dylan's when I am calling them. He knows when I am trying to get his attention specifically, and responds.

He loves his brother... and drives him crazy. LOL. I have to separate the boys once in a while, but not for very long, as Dylan immediately misses his brother and cries for his companionship. When they are in the yard together, they stay with each other, so I never have to worry about one of them getting lost. It is a huge yard, so I stay with them to make sure they are ok. I am a mommy. :)

Hendrix loves watching TV and sometimes I put on a children's show for him. Just something calm and peaceful like Max and Ruby. The other day he dragged his favorite blanket and his favorite chew toy, Chip the Squirrel onto the bed, and fell asleep watching Max and Ruby. Dylan likes TV too, and usually follows his brother's lead when it comes to playtime. If Hendrix takes a time out, then Dylan does as well. They are brothers.


My babies.

Life is good.

"Hendrix The Kitten-Cat"
February 12th 2009


IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm so glad you have your babies Carly. They are precious.

Nature's Sound said...

YEAH! Kitty pictures :D

They are so adorable. I love it when you share stories about your boys.

Hope you have a great day ...
and here's a wish for a wonderful and very Happy Valentine's Day Carly.

Today marks the anniversary of the year of joy which was followed by about a half of a year of sadness. Let's see what bright and gracious things the future holds in store.

I loved your Celebrity Crushes post and loved the year of joy it brought to my life. I haven't been posting too many blog entries but I still enjoy being a part of your circle of loyal readers.

Blessings and Joy ~ that's what it's all about (well only if you put your left foot in first - lol)

Unhinged said...

It's been forever since I've been here...and I've just spent the last five minutes crying about Elvis. It's stupid, I know, but I know exactly how you felt that day because it's how I felt when I flew back to Indiana from California to help ease my Buddy Boy into the next life. Hardest thing I've ever done, next to leaving him. Awful, awful. I try not to think of those days, but sometimes they sneak up on me.

I'm glad you have Hendrix and Diylan now--two other kitty babies who need a home, who need love. Elvis is surely purring from Cat Nation.

{{{ I'm so sorry about last April, tho )))