Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 Movies In 4 Weeks #3: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

"It would have been more logical if silent pictures had grown out of the talkies, instead of the other way around."

-Mary Pickford

Last night Alan and I went to see "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." It was Alan's turn to pick a movie, and that is the one he chose. "Really?" I thought, but I went without too much of a fuss, because I figured it was only fair, in that a week earlier I had forced him to endure the chick flick, "Bride Wars." So what if it seemed a little sophomoric from it's trailers, it has the hunky Kevin James in it! Right? Well, I find Kevin James hunky, and besides, he has nice eyes. :) "Ok Alan, why not?"

The Sacramento Bee's review of the movie recommended it for about 8 years old and up. Yeah, that's about right. Rated PG, it was funny, but had a couple of moments that some parents might find a bit questionable, such as one particular scene in a bar, but overall there wasn't anything in it that I haven't already seen on network TV, including the story itself. Don't get me wrong, it was a funny movie, with the proper amount of slapstick that especially appealed to the under 13 year in the audience, and the big kids at heart, like Alan. Heck, I even laughed out loud, and that felt mighty good.

It was predictable in places, and yet it managed to throw me a curve here and there. It was sweet at times, and even though the main character was a man, anyone who has ever felt less then good enough for the world, would be able to identify with his struggles. I did. Male or female, we have all felt the sting of rejection, or the difficulties of trying too hard to impress someone, and most of us have had to watch a dream or two slip from our hands. The movie showed us how those things affected Paul Blart, and his response to them. And that's a good thing. He was someone you could identify with to varying degrees, but mostly if you have ever felt like the underdog, and who hasn't felt that way at least once? Every now and again, it is good to cheer on the underdog with a heart of gold. Last night the audience cheered Paul Blart on... loudly! LOL. It was fun to watch both the movie, and the crowd's response to him.

It was just the right length at 87 minutes. Don't you just hate a movie that goes on and on forever with useless dialog and scenes? Ugg. This was a good movie, that didn't try to be too deep, that stuck to the story with very few diversions, and which concentrated at simply telling the story as it unfolded. Applause, applause. It was co-produced by Adam Sandler, Jeff Sussman and Kevin James, and you could see Sandler's influence everywhere in the film. Especially if you saw the movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry." In fact, the only thing missing was Adam Sandler. LOL. Nah, actually, he would have been unnecessary, and that is the point I am making, it was a good movie because there wasn't anything out of place. Very few comedies seem to do that right.

You'll laugh, and that's a good thing. You can take the kids to see it, and that's a good thing too. Go see it. It's a good thing.

I give it 4 out of 5 kernels of popcorn.

"In The Aisles"
Dublin, California


DesLily said...

hi Carly: I haven't seen the movie but I've laughed at the commercials! glad you enjoyed it! Lots of times a good chuckle goes a long way!

redsneakz said...

I adore you, I adore Alan, I adore your cats, but you and I have surprisingly opposite taste in movies :-) I'm glad it was better than the trailers, but I'll wait for DVD, if at all, for this one.