Sunday, January 11, 2009

4 Movies In 4 Weeks #2: Bride Wars

"I've learned that life is too short and movies are too long."

-Denis Leary

Last Friday was Alan's birthday, so we had a nice dinner, followed by dessert, followed by presents, then it was time to choose a movie. See, in addition to being his birthday, it was also the second Friday of our 4 week movie blitz! We have the month of January to use the 8 free movie tickets we got from an Old Navy promotion. What should we pick this week? In that it was Alan's birthday, I was fully prepared to let him choose the movie for the second time. "Nah, you pick this week," said he, "I want next week instead." Ok," said I, not wasting a moment to pick a chick flick. And boy did I!

Bride Wars was nothing short of a chick flick, and it wasn't anything more either. Typical... that best describes it. Not that I am complaining or anything, it totally delivered on fluff and lightness, but it did have more then one serious moments too. Not the kind that leave a lump in your throat for months, but more like gentle moments between female friends that all women know about. I don't want to give anything away, but the truth is, women can be competitive, sometimes brutally so, and that is just the facts ma'am.

Sometimes it's over a the last pair of Woodstock slippers at the Charles Schulz museum store, and sometimes it's over a wedding. That was me by the way, fighting over the Woodstock slippers. LOL. Guess what? I won! In the movie it was a wedding date being fought over, and nobody won there. But there was a happy ending. Like all chick flicks... there is always a happy ending.

Kate Hudson was gorgeous in the movie, even with blue hair. She looks and sounds more like her mother, Goldie Hawn, every single day! Anne Hathaway was great as her best friend, and fellow bride to be, although she seemed a little flat from time to time. There was a good bit of suspension of disbelief, but it wasn't that deep a film, so I just brushed it aside, and enjoyed seeing where the story went. It seemed like there might be a hint of a sequel at the end, which would be a bad idea. Just let this story end here. Good story. Ok chick flick. Fun. No need to over think it.

I give it 2 1/2 popcorn kernels out of 5.

"Popcorn In Neon"
Dublin, California
January 9th, 2009
Late Evening

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IndigoSunMoon said...

I happen to love chick flicks! LOL
I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice!