Friday, December 19, 2008

Will The Curse Of Christmas Eve Live On?

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her."

-Marcelene Cox

I started and finished all my holiday shopping yesterday! I was well prepared this year, and for the most part I stuck to the list and to the budget! Well, ok, maybe I went over our discussed limit a little bit, but not outrageously. It's just that I saw one or two things that I thought Alan would enjoy finding under the Christmas tree this year. He made me a list, and I got everything on it, but it seems like there should be one or two surprises as well. :) What fun would it be to open your presents, and find all the stuff you asked for, and no surprises?

So, I should be able to just sit at home on Christmas Eve, and not tempt fate, but again I ask, "what fun would that be?" In the way of curses, this year is shaping up to be right on target. December 10th did indeed provide the universal practical joke that it is so famous in our house, so you know that my personal tradition of being called a B*I*T*C*H by a total stranger on Christmas Eve will more then likely live on. At least I hope so. If it does, it will make 24 years in a row! That's right... we are on year 24! Oh how I look forward to it... LOL... and I swear, I do nothing to provoke it, it just happens! LOL. You know how it all began, right? The tradition was started by a nun with Turret's Syndrome, way back in the mid 1980's.

Keep your fingers crossed! It just wouldn't be Christmas without it. You will have to tune in, the week after Christmas to find out if the curse lives on. Anyway, back to the shopping...

This year's holiday shopping has been so odd. I did all my shopping in the real world, as opposed to the Internet. It was cheaper to get all bundled up, and go to the mall, rather then sit back and shop online. I bet it is the first Christmas in maybe 7 years, or so, that I didn't purchase the majority of my gifts online. With the unsteady economy, prices have been hugely competitive. There were some bargains which simply couldn't be passed up! And while I was hunting for bargains early on, Alan actually bought the first present of the year way back in October, when he found something for me at a cute little Farmer's Market we visited while on vacation. :)

I just had the best day shopping, and picking out things yesterday. I took the long way around the Bay Area, driving the back roads, so I could enjoy the last of the autumn color. No freeways, just the leaf filled streets, and the view of the snow on the Bay Area hills! The sun was moving in and out of the clouds, so I had a lot of different lighting opportunities to work with. Stunning. The sight of the Autumn leaves, always puts me in the best mood. I just love this time of year! Christmas is, of course, a winter holiday, but I always thought it should really be a gift of autumn! After all, winter can only claim it because it is only a few days into it's season. Somehow, that just doesn't seem fair! And since I only have a couple more days of autumn, I am doing a lot of photography around the area to make the most of it! I will have an "Autumn Photography Round-up" this Sunday, so be sure and stop by!

After all the shopping yesterday, I had a wonderful lunch, then climbed into my favorite chair and relaxed with my two cats. Dylan loves to sit on my lap and sleep, sometimes for hours, and since I can't disturb him, I have to nap along with him. LOL. Well, it would be just rude to move him, you know? I'm a good mommy, because after the nap, he and Hendrix helped my wrap presents, we played fetch with a BellBall. Dylan LOVES playing fetch. Some folks think only dogs play fetch, silly persons, cats love it too! And so do I! :) Hendrix isn't much for fetch, but he does make a nifty tower of tissue paper! LOL. I have little green and red towers all around the living room~ It's quite festive here!

I am now off to make some Pecan/Cinnamon strusel bread. We are making Hanukkah cookies on Sunday night, and I will probably make a small fruitcake on Christmas. Yes, I am one of those strange people who actually enjoys fruitcake. LOL. Oh my, I do step to a different drummer don't I? LOL. Oh well. As bad as this year has been, I will not give up! I have given up before, I won't do that again. No matter how bad things are, there is always something to believe in. Friends. Health. Kittens. Puppies. People you will always love, even if you are apart. Hot Chocolate w/Raspberry Syrup. Starbuck's. Holiday Fantasy In The Woods. Music. SNOW GLORIOUS SNOW. Photography. Naughty underthings ;) LOL. Opossums. Sappy holiday movies. Hanukkah, Christmas, New Presidents. And my personal favorite, a total stranger calling you a B*I*T*C*H on Christmas Eve. :) Let the tradition live on...

"She Shopped Till She Dropped"
Berkeley, California
December 18th, 2008


Karen Funk Blocher said...

It seems odd to wish you *luck* in being called a bitch again, so I'll just leave that to the Universe to work out. Thank you for sharing the hope and the quiet joy.

Nature's Sound said...

I am driving myself crazy trying to get all the gifts right this year, and that's my tradition. I haven't come up with any STUNNERS for the group and one child was so antsy that she bought something I had commandeered my son to purchase for her because she knew I couldn't afford it and I had to tell her to send it back. DRATS. I don't like when that happens. But at least she's getting those oh so luxurious boots she has been wanting.

I am glad you are into surprises and finding so many things to be grateful or at least content about. Definately your two new additions, they really ought to bring out the joy in you .. even tho .. ya know, they're not E, who would love them and it really does take two to make one of him ... but with Dylan's White smile and Hendrix black coat ... Well, you can't go too wrong there.

Enjoy your baking, that Cinnamon thing you mentioned sounds heavenly.

Terri said...

If no one comes through for you on the 24th, just send me a note and I'll carry on the tradition! Not that I'd have a reason to, but I'd hate for your streak to break!

Have fun baking. I'll be making my first loaves of challah tomorrow - that's my winter baking tradition. I can't wait!

I never do much shopping, on or offline; Laurie and I aren't into gift giving for the holidays (I did get her interested in doing Christmas stockings though! she's knitting one for herself right now).

Enjoy your holiday week. See you on the blogs!

Suzanne R said...

We will likely be having more weather adventures over the next couple of days and then hopefully we will be out of the arctic mess we have been experiencing, although I don't know for sure because different weather forecasts say varying things.

Seems like I'm obsessed with the weather although I did get a package from a friend today with gifts in it. I am thinking of leaving them until Christmas but if I need cheering up due to the weather, I'll maybe start opening packages. ;-) Or if the cats get into them -- perhaps I should egg them on? LOL! Your kitties are an inspiration!

No baking here, other than maybe making some buttermilk pancakes. Yum! But they aren't anything new and different for the holidays. Then there's always hot cocoa. I have some canned whipped cream left in the fridge . . .

I am curious to know if your Christmas Eve tradition carries on. What a strange one! I can't conceive of anyone calling you that for any reason. I will be waiting to hear!


V said...

Guess who can comment! [with krobbie`s help}
Have you played with the kittens using the light of a laser pointer?
They love to chase it!